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on 12/02/2014 16:17:00

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It's a sunny day, you're feeling good and have a few hours spare... time for a bike ride! Unfortunately you've forgotten your bike is ill, she is suffering from a common problem that an expert could fix in the flash of an eye. Looks like you'll be spending your day driving to the local bike store to get this fixed.

But wait, there's a better way, a simpler way. You could fix this problem yourself and ride off into the distance with a sense of satisfaction at a job well done. We've teamed up with Hope to offer you that feeling with four informative maintenance classes throughout March.

At only £40 for the whole course or £10 a session you could save £100s in bike mechanic bills and trips to the store and best of all you'll have the skills and knowledge to fix most problems you'll encounter when out and about, so you'll never be stuck at the side of the road again.

Session One - Thursday 6th March

The first session will cover basic maintenance to help keep your bike running smoothly. It includes subjects from the essential puncture repair, the ideal way to clean your bike to prevent unnecessary ware and checking your components for wear and tear.


  • Tyre choice for summer
  • Changing/repairing tubes
  • Cleaning and lubing
  • Checking pads for wear
  • Checking for chain/sprocket wear
  • Gear set-up

Session Two - Thursday 13th March

The second session tackles the tricky world of wheels including the basics from replacing a broken spoke to truing your wheels to keep your bike running smoothly.


  • Wheel truing and spoke replacement
  • Tubeless conversion

Session Three - Thursday 20th March

Our third session will cover essential yet infrequent maintenance tasks from bleeding your hydraulic brake system to replacing bearings and components.


  • Hydraulic brake bleeding
  • Headset replacement
  • Bearing replacement - Hubs and Bottom Brackets

Session Four - Thursday 27th March

The fourth and final session will tackle correct suspension setup so you can get the very best performance from your bike components and includes guidelines on how to correctly fit your bike for the ideal comfort.


  • Road bike fitting
  • Suspension setup and tuning

Event Details

  • Cost: £40 for all four sessions or £10 a session
  • When: All classes will run from 6pm to 8pm
  • Where: Whitwell Store, LE15 8BL
  • Booking: Email rides@rutlandcycling.com or call us on 01780 460 705

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