How to Get Fit in 2013, by triathlete Kerry Rough. Part 5 - My top 5 training tips

Words by Aaron Scott

on 29/08/2013 18:38:00

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We are now well into January and I'm sure some of us are struggling to keep the 'get fit' mentality going. In the final part of this five-part series, guest blogger Kerry Rough gives her five top training tips to help keep you motivated.

It's January. Christmas is all but a mince-pie, mulled wine, wrapping paper memory, and you might have already made a New Year's resolution. After the glory of 2012 and the Olympics, it is a great time now more than ever to get started with an active lifestyle. Here are my five top training tips for getting started in 2013.

  1. Take Little Steps

You don't have to be make huge changes this January. The smallest changes can add up to an active lifestyle. The littlest things can add up to a huge total. Maybe it's buying yourself a pair of running shoes and joining a run group, or it might even be small changes to your diet and cutting out some of the bad things in life! It doesn't have to be everything all at once. For me, my small steps include eating my 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day and riding my bike once a week.

  1. Make a plan

Although you might feel that some days are completely out of your hands, having a plan on paper can really help to psych you up for the week ahead. I always have a plan in mind of what training I want to do. It might be difficult some days with my job travelling up and down the country, so by having an idea of what I have to achieve each day, it can help me think ahead of time and be prepared.

  1. Aim to keep a diary of your training

It is always helpful to look back on sessions which you have completed, as well as your times in events/training sessions and time spent on sessions as well as the conditions, how you were feeling and whether there was anything else which affected your training. Keeping a log of what you have done can help guide you forward. It might seem a bit altogether over the top, but I can promise you that it is very satisfying and rewarding to look back on how many hours and miles you have completed, as well as comparing how much faster you are this year than last!

  1. Join a Club

It is so much easier and definitely more pleasant to be training with other people. My bike riding tends to always be with others and I have to say that the miles just end up ticking on by and near enough each ride always ends up with a huge slice of cake and hot chocolate! It is a great way of making friends and meeting people, and generally the club training sessions will be at a time that suits you. You will end up with similar minded people and this can only be to your benefit, and committing to sessions, helping with your motivation to keep on going, even when the weather is miserable!

NB: If you live in the Rutland area and would like to join a cycling club check out Velo Club Rutland. They have over 100 members and a very active schedule.

  1. Go for it!

So that's it, you have bought your bike/running shoes, joined a club, bought a diary, but haven't plucked up the courage to do any sessions! Preparation is key, but so is the doing part of your activity. I know that it can seem very hard and often nerve-racking to go and do that session you have written down, especially if you haven't gone on a bike in years, or worked up a sweat for a while - I can promise you that the sense of satisfaction will beat any feeling, any day!

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