How to... Guide to Fitting Your Pedals

Words by Aaron Scott

on 12/03/2014 16:43:00

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Hurrah! You've just received your brand new bike. Before you can ride it, there are tasks that must be done (boo). Fitting pedals is one of these. Don't worry, though, as this relatively simple task is even easier when following this guide.

You Will Need:
Pedal Spanner
Anti-Seize Grease
Your Pedals and Bike

Step 1

The first and most important step to installing pedals is to determine which pedal is left and which is right. Your pedals might be stamped with an L and R respectively; if not, the thread on the left pedal will slope up to the left, while the right pedal's thread will slope to the right. Simple!

Step 2

After figuring out which pedal is which, it's time to apply some Anti-Seize Grease to the threads. This helps make fitting the pedals easier and ensures that when the time comes to remove them, they will not be bonded (seized) into your crank arm.

How To Fit Your Pedals - Apply Grease

Apply grease to prevent damage to your bike

Step 3

Screw the pedals into their respective crank arms by hand. Important: Do take extra care not to cross-thread the pedals (screw them into the wrong side) as this could irreparably damage the bike - and, even worse, this isn't covered under warranty.

How To Fit Your Pedals - Hand Tighten

Carefully insert your pedals by hand

Step 4

Take your pedal spanner to the nut-like part of the pedal (pictured above) and slowly rotate the crank backwards until the thread is fully inserted. Nip up with a pedal spanner (pictured below) to ensure your pedals are 100% secure. If your pedal doesn't appear to have a a groove for a pedal spanner like below, then you may need an allen key to tighten the pedal from behind the crank arm.

How To Fit Your Pedals - Tighten

Ensure your pedals are tightened correctly

Step 5

Before going for a big ride, remember to test ride your pedals to ensure there are no problems. Do so by simply pedalling gently and slowly around a large open space.

How To Fit Your Pedals - Test Ride

Always test ride your bike after any maintenance

That's it! 5 simple steps and your bike is ready to ride. If you didn't find this guide entirely clear, watch the video below to visualise every step to fitting your pedals.