Which Jack Wolfskin backpack is for you?

Words by Mark

on 10/07/2014 14:50:41

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A backpack is one the most versatile and useful pieces of kit on the market. Whether you're a regular adventurer looking for a rucksack to hold all those energy bars and extra layers to see you to the top of a mountain, a commuter searching for something to carry your laptop and hole punch, or looking for a cool and colourful backpack for the kids that's equally adept in the playground or the great outdoors then a high quality, durable and versatile backpack is what you require! Each of these Jack Wolfskin backpacks offer incredible value for money and a range of unique features that tailor them to the needs of any situation and eventuality, take a look for yourselves below!

For the active worker...The Jack Wolfskin Trooper

  • £44.99
  • 32 Litres
  • 900 Grams

Ideal for the nine to five worker who requires a backpack that can not only hold those important files for the office but also the (equally important) flask of tomato soup for a long, chilly journey on the bus. The backpack epitomises versatility, with eight pockets of varying sizes for the storage of everything from pens to filofax, a laptop compartment and gear loop pocket on the shoulder strap to hold smaller essentials such as a mobile phones. A specially designed strap system provides excellent comfort, both for long hikes and every-day use. The backpack is made from specially designed, ultra durable and resistant material, ensuring it will survive the wear and tear of everyday life and anything it's pitted against whilst accompanying you through the countryside on your many travels.

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Jack Wolfskin Trooper Backpack

For the person always on the move...The Jack Wolfskin Mercury

  • £59.99
  • 32 Litres
  • 900 Grams

Equally at home in the centre of London or the top of Ben Nevis, this backpack has features that make it the perfect choice for almost any situation. Whilst a rain cover, water repellent surface and tear resistant fabric protect it from the damage from regular usage and adverse conditions when adventuring, The Laptop compartment, six pockets of varying sizes and effective weight distribution technology combine to make this one of the most adaptable backpacks on the market. So if you need a backpack to withstand the pressures of an ever changing and non-stop schedule of work and play, then this could be the backpack for you!

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 Jack Wolfskin Mercury Backpack

For the Day-trippers and dusk 'till dawn hikers...The Jack Wolfskin Hyperion 28.5 Litre / 32.5L


  • £74.99
  • 1250 Grams

Everyone loves a good day trip. Those impromptu visits to the sea side, landmarks or countryside can be great fun and very exciting. However, for a successful day trip, you need to remember to pack the essentials, depending on the location these be the ingredients of a picnic for a lunchtime feast or a variety or hiking equipment for the more active trips. The Hyperion is the crème de la crème of versatile backpacks and is a brilliant choice for day trips to the country or the city. It is the perfect mix of strength and style, with a soft-shell, water and tear resistant outer material and numerous pockets of differing sizes to hold everything you might require throughout a day of travel and adventure. The Hyperion 28L also has fantastic comfort and ventilation features and reflectors and glow in the dark zips for added safety and security.

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Jack Wolfskin Hyperion 28.5L Backpack


  • £79.99
  • 1290 Grams

The big brother of the 28.5 L Hyperion, this backpack is a top choice amongst those looking for a durable and extremely practical backpack for long hikes or cycle rides. With a stylish new hybrid design and an expandable capacity, you'll be the envy of the hillside should you be equipped with this backpack when out and about. The bag offers fantastic comfort and ventilation combined with features such as a rain cover, resistant fabric and reflectors. The expandable capacity ensures you'll be able to take everything that you'll need for your travels with room for tents,clothes and food in abundance.

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Jack Wolfskin Hyperion 32.5L Backpack

For the City dweller...The Jack Wolfskin Sirius Backpack

  • £49.99
  • 22 Litres
  • 980 Grams

Travelling and adventure are terms that conjure up Bear Gryll's esque trips through dense jungle and over massive mountains. However, some travelling, especially in the modern day, requires a trip to the city and this backpack is designed specifically to be adaptable to city and country travel. An ideal choice for the commuters, the bag offers a large laptop compartment and room for all your office essentials. Five pockets and a key leash provide extra space and security during those cramped tube rides. Don't wave goodbye to those jungles and mountains just yet though, this backpack also contains water and tear resistant fabric and is still a fantastic choice for those seeking a compact and professional backpack for dealing with more traditional adventures out in the wilderness. 

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 Jack Wolfskin Sirius Backpack

For the kids...The Jack Wolfskin Springbird

  • £19.99
  • 15 Litres
  • 520 Grams

Bright,stylish and practical, this backpack has everything you could want for the active child. Four large pockets ensure there is room for Maths homework and packed lunches during the week and Kagools on the weekend. The springbird has a number of special design features that make it resistant to damage from the everyday usage of a school bag and also make it an incredibly versatile bag for travelling. Reflectors and a built in name tag give the backpack great security and the unique stowaway seat pad again increases the adaptability of the backpack. 

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Jack Wolfskin Springbird Backpack