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Cycling is a fantastic hobby to get the whole family involved in. At Rutland Cycling we understand the importance of quality family time because we are a family owned business, and what better way to spend time as a family than to go on a bike ride together.

The Benefits Of Cycling As A Family

There are a huge range of benefits to cycling as a family. Firstly cycling is extremely fun for both parents and the little ones, children love the sense of adventure and exploration that comes from riding their bicycles. It makes for a lovely day outdoors in the fresh air and amongst wildlife. In addition to having the added benefit of getting the family out into the outdoors to explore and adventure, cycling has many health benefits. Cycling has the obvious benefit of helping you meet the requirements for daily exercise, and it can be great for heart health and lung health. It is also a low-impact exercise so it reduces the pressure on your joints that other activities might cause, which makes it perfect for children to get involved with.

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How To Cycle With Babies And Toddlers

You may be thinking to yourself, cycling with the family sounds great, but how could I possibly bring my baby or toddler along when I go cycling, they're not big enough to learn to ride a bike yet, or they can't ride a bike on their own yet. But there are even options for families with babies and toddlers to get involved with cycling. It is an incredible opportunity for socialising your baby or toddler and allows them to explore the outdoors in a safe and exciting way. At Rutland Cycling we sell a variety of equipment, from child seats to tow bars for children's bikes, to make your family cycling day as fun as possible.

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Teaching Your Child To Ride A Bike

It is important to keep in mind that every child is different and learns differently. You must let them take the learning experience at their own pace to gain confidence in cycling independently. If you want your child to love cycling you should lead by example, this will make them excited to cycle with the family and willing to try cycling independently when they are ready to progress. If you want to go cycling as a family and you are in the process of teaching your child to ride a bike, Rutland Cycling have a variety of tools to aid in the learning process. A popular option to aid in the learning process that many children learn to ride their bike using are stabilisers. Stabilisers allow the child to learn how to pedal a bike and direct it without the fear of falling off, however they fail to aid in teaching the child one of the most fundamental aspects of riding a bike and that is how to balance on a bike independently. There are other tools to aid in the learning process called balance bikes. Balance bikes are designed to aid first and foremost in teaching the child how to balance independently on a bicycle. The bikes are built with no stabilisers or pedals and require the child to push themselves forward with their feet.

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Balance bikes help children gain a sense of independent stability and co-ordination. Using a balance bike tends to result in a faster learning process due to the child acquiring the basic balance and coordination skills needed to ride a bike independently. Balance bikes are also a fantastic option for families who wish to explore rougher, uneven ground.

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The Best Kids Bikes

When choosing a new bike for your child it is important to take their age, height and ability in to consideration. Children's bikes grow in both wheel size as well as in frame size. It is recommended that from ages 1-2 a child rides a 10-inch balance bike, a bike with stabilisers, or travels with an adult in a child seat. From ages 2-3 a child should ride a 12-inch balance bike or a bike of the same size with stabilisers. These will look different to adult bikes and usually only cope well with smooth surfaces, with balance bikes being able to handle slightly rougher surfaces. From ages 3-4 children should ride a 14-inch bike and from ages 4-5 children should ride a 16-inch bike. From ages 5-7 children should ride a 20-inch bike, this is when children's bikes start to somewhat resemble adult bikes, they will have brakes, pedals, a drive train and usually a single speed setting. From ages 8-12 children should be riding a 24-inch bike.

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At this size bikes start to resemble adult mountain bikes or hybrids, the components on these bikes are more robust and the use of several gears allows for riding on a variety of terrain. From ages 10-14 children should be riding a 26-inch bike. This is the final category before children progress on to small adult bikes, these bikes have a lot in common with adult bike options and start to allow for a variety of styles for specific purposes. More details are available on the Kids Bike Size Guide page.

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Cycling Days Out With The Family

Rutland Cycling offer the full experience when it comes to family days out. We have many locations all with their own amazing family cycling routes, wildlife and scenery. Our stores also offer bike hire, so you don't have to worry about bringing your own. Here is a list of stores that offer family cycling routes.

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Whitwell/Giant Store Rutland At Rutland Water

Whitwell is located on Rutland Water's North Shore and the Giant store is on the south shore. There is a host of wildlife from ospreys to otters and many leisure activities available such as climbing and mini golf. There are family friendly cycling routes around the water for the whole family to enjoy.


Grafham is located in Cambridgeshire. There is lots of waterside family cycling routes and a nature reserve. There is also the option to go off road at The Three Shires Way.


Fineshade is situated within beautiful historic woodland. The family cycling routes were developed with the forestry commission and there is a choice from beginner, intermediate and intermediate advanced routes available.

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Peterborough, Ferry Meadows

Ferry Meadows is located at Peterborough. The family cycling routes are open during school holidays and half terms. You can enjoy other activities here also, such as water sports or taking the Nene Valley Steam Railway.

Pitsford Water

Pitsford water is located in the Northamptonshire countryside. There is lakeside family cycling routes available.

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Rides, Classes And Events

Rutland Cycling stores also offer a variety of rides and events for families and children. Breeze rides are available for women, and this includes mums and tots. Rutland Cycling also offer children's parties with sister company RockBlok.

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