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FIRST LOOK | Lazer KinetiCore Helmets

New for Lazer are a range of helmets, available for kids and elite athletes, that feature the brand new Kineticore system. Kinieticore is a lightweight, well ventilated and responsibly designed system that efficiently protects your head from direct and rotational impact. This is achieved by placing kineticore blocks conveniently around the helmet to create effective yet safe crumple zones upon impact.


By having in-built protection instead of add-on protection, Lazer have achieved a performance helmet with added comfort benefits in comparison to other helmets available. With the protection being all one structure, it is more sustainable to make as you don’t need as much plastic. Less materials means less weight and the ability to add more vents to keep you cool during the heated moments in a race.

KinetiCore Close up
KinetiCore Strada Lifestyle

Lazer KinetiCore Jackal

Embrace the trails with the all new Lazer Jackal helmet. Equipped with KinetiCore you can ride with more confidence knowing you’ll be protected from rotational impact which is a massive factor during mountain cycling. At the front of the helmet, Lazer have equipped a sleek yet adjustable visor which can easily be moved on the go to make way for goggles, eyewear or if the sun is in your eyes.


On the top of the helmet, Lazer have equipped an in-built action camera mount that won’t impact the structural integrity of the helmet drastically. On the comfort side, the TurnSys fit system provides you with a tailored fitment that is comfy and beneficial and this can be edited using the dial on the back of the helmet.


Lazer KinetiCore CityZen

Designed with comfortable commuting in mind, the Lazer Cityzen has all the features to keep you safe on the roads but comfortable for when you get to the office. Whilst this helmet features a lot of ventilation to keep you cool, it doesn’t mean it's not equipped to keep you safe. The outside shell of the helmet is constructed from a durable ABS material that can take smaller impacts with ease whilst the KinetiCore interior gets down to the harsher impacts.


At the rear of the helmet, we can see a “Lock and Roll” hole which allows for you to lock your helmet up to your bike using your standard bike lock which saves you from carrying it around all day. Furthermore, Lazer have equipped the rear of the helmet with a universal LED that can easily be clipped onto the helmet to allow for added visibility to other road users both in the day and at night.

KinetiCore Studio
Lazer jackal

Lazer KinetiCore Strada

The Lazer Strada provides a good all-round helmet with the potential to lean towards being a solid road helmet. With the addition of “aeroshell” you will receive aerodynamic benefits as well as enhanced protection from the unpredictable British weather. Like the CityZen, the Strada comes with the option to attach the universal LED lights at the back of the helmet for amplified visibility. On the other hand, the Strada is equipped with the easy-to-use ScrollSys belt which expands and comfortably grips onto your head to keep your helmet stable yet snug.


Lazer KinetiCore Vento

Compared to its predecessor, the Lazer Bullet 2.0, the Vento performs 2.3% more aerodynamic whilst being 5.4% more ventilated which makes it a sleeker fit and more comfortable therefore transforming your road rides. The Vento also uses the ScrollSys easy-to-use belt to complete the helmet with the ultimate fit.

Lazer Nutz

Lazer KinetiCore Nutz & P'Nutz

A helmet is by far the most important necessity when it comes to children on bikes and Lazer have taken this into account so you can have added peace of mind when out with the family. Like the rest of the range, the Kids helmets are equipped with KinetiCore which will be the main protection from brain damage if the worst were to happen. At the front of the kids helmet range, there is an insect net to stop bugs from flying into the ventilation holes and ending up in their hair which will minimise distraction and irritation.


On the chin strap, Lazer have cleverly placed the clip near the child's cheek to avoid the dreaded pinch under the chin. To ensure that your child can grow and the helmet still fits, Lazer have used their traditional auto-adjusting EZ fit system. Simply, open up the system and place it on your child's head and the helmet will automatically adjust the size so the helmet fits conveniently.



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