New Scott Addict RC Road Bike

Words by David Hicks

on 25/06/2019 13:02:43


Words by Tom Worsfold

The Addict RC has been on the scene over ten years and in that time has built a wealth of accolades to its name, being one of the most successful bikes on the circuit. Road cycling is ever-evolving, with the needs of professional riders constantly changing and progression being the name of the game, but where can bike design go next? Queue the 2020 Addict RC, the new benchmark when it comes to racing.

The Addict RC has always been designed with high-performance riding in mind, with this new model being the perfect package for someone looking for a no holds barred, race-level product. Oozing with fresh technology, Scott are no strangers to being at the forefront of design, with the Addict RC having some serious tricks up its sleeve when it comes to lightweight stiffness and integration. So, what's new on the Addict RC? Find out more below.


Design & Integration

Arguably the most impressive change for 2020 is the move to a fully integrated cockpit, a clean, tidy, cable free system designed around Syncros's Creston bar and stem components to create a visually stunning product with no visible cables, whether mechanical or electronic. Hasn't that been done before, such as on the Specialized Venge? The new Addict RC is the first bike on the market with completely integrated cables for both mechanical and electronic shifting, meaning that no matter what drivetrain you choose to use the cables will be fully hidden from shifter to mech.

Integration like this has not been previously possible for a few reasons, namely the lack of suitable componentry and the issue of tight routing causing poor shifting on mechanical setups. Scott circumvented these issues through the use of a clever Syncros bar & stem, and the use of a patented eccentric fork shaft. The eccentric fork shaft uses a 3mm offset steerer shaft within a 1.5� top bearing, which allows enough room for all four cables & hoses to be routed internally through the stem and into the downtube, letting the cables run through without kinks and leaving the steering unaffected.


The Syncros Creston bar and stem allow the cables to be routed completely internally and there are two systems on offer depending on the required spec-level. At the top-spec levels is the Syncros Creston IC Combo, a one-piece carbon bar and stem combination that offers an incredibly clean aesthetic alongside performance ergonomics and compliancy. Using a specific carbon layup, Syncros have gained a 26% improvement in stiffness when sprinting as well as a 27% increase in shock absorption. On lower specifications, the Creston IC 1.5 bar + stem combination will be used. This still permits full internal routing, but does so in a more conventional way.

Taking all that Syncros have learned from their one-piece design, the bar and stem combination reproduces incredible ergonomics and performance, with smart features making it possible to change the stem out without needing to bleed the brakes. Of course, with both Creston systems there is the option for Garmin and Wahoo mounting, and a magnetic stem cap ensures that no bolts are visible on either system for a truly sleek look.


The Frame

The previous iterations of the Addict RC have always been race-rockets, with high levels of stiffness and steep, Tour ready geometry. So how does the new frame compare? The latest frame is 14.5% stiffer in all the areas where it counts, with significant improvements being made in bottom bracket rigidity in the name of improving power transfer. Will that make for a harsh ride? The Addict RC is now made with comfort zone construction, an improvement which allows for a smooth riding experience that does not impact pedalling efficiency.

On top of this, advanced molding structure has ensured that these improvements in stiffness have not incurred a weight penalty, with the frame still being outstandingly lightweight. The final feather in the new Addict RC's cap is found in its new aero tubeset, with Scott's patented Airfoil design being implemented on all of the main tubes to decrease overall drag and optimize airflow, meaning the 2020 Addict RC is stiffer, more aerodynamic and faster than ever.


Stand Out Componentry

Ergonomics have been a keen feature for Scott's latest line of bikes, working with industry heavy-hitters gebioMized (used by Mitchelton Scott, Team Sky, Trek Segafredo & more) to create high performance componentry within the Syncros line, designed to offer a tailored bike fit solution through off the shelf products. Having contact points such as the bar and saddle that work in tandem with your body is essential when it comes to enjoying your rides, especially when it comes to high-end road cycling.

Syncros kept this in mind when designing the Creston component line and have also introduced a new performance saddle, the Belcarra R. Developed for riders with normal to low pelvic and lumbar flexibility, the Belcarra R marries lightweight carbon rails with a wide central channel for a blend of support and comfort, to keep you at pace for longer.



Overall the Addict RC is more race-ready than ever, with smart improvements making the all new frame a standout in its class. These improvements speak for themselves visually, with the clean lines making for an incredibly aesthetically pleasing product that will no doubt turn a few heads, whether on the start line for the next big race or blasting round your local Sunday loop. The fresh visuals are backed up with high-performance features, ensuring the new 2020 Addict RC will be topping many riders dream-bike lists and more than likely many podiums this coming year!

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