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Words by Aaron Scott

on 27/10/2015 09:33:00

2016 Scott Foil

Back in 2010, Scott introduced the Foil, as their aerodynamic road bike and it has since gone on to win 15 Grand Tour stage wins and three Classics. Regardless of whether you're competing, chasing a Strava segment, or taking on your friends in a sprint for the nearest caf�, the Foil is a bike built for those striving to win.

The New 2016 Foil: Speed Update

The new 2016 Foil features the same lightweight frame characteristics as its award-winning predecessor - its frame weighs in at just 945kg (medium) - making it one of the lightest aero bikes on the market. In addition to shaving off a bit of weight, the new Foil is also stiffer than before, improving the power transfer and handling of the ride, plus the riding comfort has been noticeably elevated.

However, the biggest improvement to the new Foil is the frame aerodynamics. Component integration has been lifted to a whole new level, thanks to features such as a fully integrated cockpit, which will help save precious watts. This all means that while the Foil has maintained much appreciated characteristics of previous incarnations, it has added and tweaked elements to make the new 2016 model faster as a whole. In fact, aerodynamic tests show the new Foil saves 27 seconds over 40km at an average speed of 45kph compared to its predecessor.

The new Scott Foil is a smart evolution of the original with a noticeable improvement in ride comfort, an area where the old bike really suffered. While the lighter and stiffer claims are harder to verify with such a short ride, they are nice things to have and the Foil displays the sort of sharp handling and agility you want in a race bike. We look forward to spending more time with the Foil on familiar roads.

David Arthur,

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2016 Scott Foil

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