NEW for 2021: Specialized Turbo Como SL - Everything you need to know

Words by Will Crump

on 31/03/2021 17:00:00


Introducing the new Specialized Turbo Como SL for 2021!

Convenience, a sleek design and practicality are exactly the headlines that come to mind when talking about Specialized's new hybrid electric bike - the Specialized Turbo Como SL! After taking inspiration from the original, award winning Como - Specialized have adapted the Hybrid E-bike to fit their SL (super light) formula. Boasting an incredible specification list, the Specialized Como SL is equipped with everything you need to have fun on without losing its sleek, modern finish.

Equipped with a 240-Watt superlight motor producing �35Nm of torque� alongside a 320Wh battery, you have 2x the rider amplification alongside the ability to travel �up to 93 miles� with a range extender added. Furthermore, thanks to genius engineering and development, the Specialized Turbo Como SL can carry �up to twice its weight� due to an inbuilt rear pannier rack which can cater for upto 20 kg and a front basket which can hold 15Kg of goods.

�Time to take flight�

Overview -

Discipline: Electric Hybrid Bike

Usage: Commuting & Leisure cycling

Battery options: Como SL 4.0 & 5.0 all with 3 colours each


  • - As light as 21.5KG according to Specialized
  • - Up to 93 miles of range w/ optional range extender
  • - Drytech fenders, pannier rack and front basket included
  • - Low maintenance due to belt drive + hub gears
  • - In built lights system powered by the battery
  • - Fully internal cable management from grips downwards
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Low Maintenance -


Low maintenance is written all over the new Specialized Turbo Como SL which is beneficial when it comes to general upkeep and maintenance - it means you can just get on and ride wherever you want too! Specialized have achieved this by optionally fitting a Gates belt drive system in place of a regular chain with the difference being that a belt doesn't need lubricating at all!

At the back of the drivetrain, riders can experience an efficient and smooth shifting experience thanks to the Shimano, 5 speed or 8 speed, internal hub geared system. By having the gears sealed in the rear hub, they are protected from debris of the road as well as your jam packed pannier racks.

As part of the low maintenance package, all of your cables are internally routed right from your bars to the back end of the bike which also includes your inbuilt light system! Besides having your cables internally routed, not only does your bike look elegant but it will also survive a lot longer from external elements on the road.

Sleek Design -


As part of the practicality package of the Como SL, Specialized have fitted this all round electric hybrid with an in built pannier rack and front basket that are capable of carrying up to twice the bikes weight in groceries! The rack at the rear alone is capable of carrying 20Kg of goods alongside the inbuilt front basket which can cater for 15Kg of groceries.


Alongside the practicality of having pannier racks and baskets, Specialized have also equipped the new Como SL with DRYTECH mudguards to ensure that the bike is capable of being ridden in all aspects of the British weather without making the experience unpleasant. Working in cooperation with the fenders, the Turbo Como SL has been equipped with powerful hydraulic disc brakes - which are useful in wet conditions - as well as 2.3� wide Nimbus tyres which increase grip, comfort and confidence.

To complete the design, at the front and rear of the Como, Specialized have equipped �ultra-bright� built in lights that use very minimal battery power to run. The addition of these lights ensure that you can stay safe and be seen on the roads at all times... even during the day.

Electronic Systems -


Let's get down to the beating heart of these bikes and have a closer look at the SL formula which makes these bikes so appealing. Boasting a smooth power curve and silent power delivery, the new Specialized Como SL has been equipped with the 240 watt, Specialized lightweight SL 1.1 motor. The 240 watts of power that the motor provides are in sync with your cadence which makes these bikes some of the smoothest to ride once the pedal assist motor reaches its limit of 15.5mph!

A common misconception with the SL range is that �the battery is too small so I won't have a lot of range� - this couldn't be further from the truth. In order to make these bikes some of the lightest E-bikes on the market, the battery has to decrease in size to 320Wh. However, as the motor provides 35Nm of torque or �2x rider amplification� it doesn't need to use as much power which ensures you can ride further on a 320Wh battery than you would imagine.

If you do prefer a longer day out, investing in a range extender will probably be the best idea as you can get �upto 93 miles� of leisure cycling which is plentiful for a nice summer day!

TCU & Mission Control -


As the cherry on top to these bikes, the Como SL features a 10 LCD Turbo Control Unit display on the top tube and a smaller Turbo Control Display above the stem on the bars which combined can tell you what your battery life is, what mode you're in and what your potential range could be. Pair this system to the Specialized Mission control app and you have full control over the levels of assistance in each mode (ECO, SPORT, TURBO) to fully enhance your e-bike experience to suit your riding style!

Furthermore, using the Mission Control app, you can enable the �Smart Control feature� which enables you to enter how far you wish to cycle and the bikes algorithms will set the levels of assistance to ensure that you will have enough battery power to get there. The only point to keep in mind is that the bike can only be altered using the app and cannot be modified using the TCU screen featured above the stem!

NEW: Specialized Turbo Como SL - A breakdown of models


Specialized Turbo Como SL 4.0 2022 Step Thru Electric Hybrid Bike

As the name suggests, the Specialized Turbo Como SL (Super Light) electric hybrid bike is super light and also perfectly balanced. Specialized have developed the best combination of power, range, usability and comfort with the bike weighing in at 40% less than the average e-bike.

  • Frame - Aluminum, low-entry frame, with internal cable routing
  • Fork - Solid
  • Drivetrain - 5 Speed Shimano Nexus Internal Gear Hub
  • Brakes - Tektro TKD123F, Hydraulic Disc Brake System
  • Motor - Specialized SL 1.1, custom lightweighht motor, peak 240W / 35Nm
  • Battery - Specialized SL1-320, fully integrated, 320Wh
  • UI/Remote - Specialized TCU, 10-LED state of charge, 3-LED Ride Mode display, ANT+/Bluetooth
£3,499.99 - Shop now

Specialized Turbo Como SL 5.0 2022 Step Thru Electric Hybrid

The Turbo Como Super Light's sophisticated design means you are ready to go where ever you are. Day and night, rain and shine you will be well looked after with battery powered integrated lights, fenders, and plenty of storage capacity.

  • Frame - Aluminum, low-entry frame, with internal cable routing
  • Fork - Solid
  • Drivetrain - Alfine Internal Gear Hub, 8 Speed and Gates Belt Drive
  • Brakes - TRP Flow Set hydraulic disc brakes for maximum stopping power
  • Motor - Specialized SL 1.1, custom lightweighht motor, peak 240W / 35Nm
  • Battery - Specialized 320Wh downtube battery with optional range extender
  • UI/Remote - Specialized TCU, 10-LED state of charge, 3-LED Ride Mode display, ANT+/Bluetooth
£4,249.99 - Shop now
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