FIRST LOOK | Iconic Speedplay Pedals recieve Wahoo revitalisation

Words by Will Crump

on 02/07/2021 10:00:00


How have Wahoo revitalised the Speedplay Pedals?

Are you looking for a high performing, dual sided entry and lightweight set of pedals for your new road bike? Wahoo has the answer after they've revitalised the classic Speedplay pedals that are designed specifically for Road Cycling and Triathlons. Wahoo have made refinements across the range of Speedplay pedals all of which improve durability and performance.

These revamped models have been refined with a lower stack height, better aerodynamic advantages as well as room for adjustment. To ensure that the pedals give the rider the best road cycling experience possible in terms of comfort and performance, the Wahoo Speedplay road pedals have also been fitted with adjustable float and spindle length options making them some of the most unique and innovative pedals on the market!

Overview -

Discipline: Road & Triathlon cycling

Usage: Road cycling clipless pedals & cleats

Models: Nano, Zero, Comp, Aero


  • - Adjustable float
  • - Adjustable Spindle length
  • - Dual sided Entry
  • - Improved performance and durability
  • - Lightweight and aerodynamic
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Refined Technology


Dual sided entry - what are the benefits? Having dual sided entry pedals and a secure locking system allows the rider to put the power down efficiently without losing momentum. When changing sports in a triathlon, the dual sided entry pedals will also allow the rider to clip in faster which could make all the difference when transitioning from Swimming to Cycling and getting off of the mark faster than your competitors.



Wahoo has included technology that means you can size your pedals up specifically to benefit you whilst on the bike. With 15 degrees of float available, you can set up your cleats exactly how you want - the more float the safer as it allows for the foot to rest in a more natural position making your ride more comfortable. The less float you have the less your foot is going to move - however, it will make each crank more efficient.

It is often advised to seek professional advice, in the form of a bike fit, when it comes to choosing what amount of float would be best. Within the Wahoo Speedplay range, you also have the option to adjust the spindle length to ensure that the pedals are in optimum position for comfort.

Made for the Road lifestyle


With the revitalisation of the Speedplay range, Wahoo have ensured that as little maintenance as possible is needed when it comes to upkeep. By using sealed bearings, the Wahoo Speedplay pedals are capable of cycling thousands of miles without even a glimpse of them starting to wear out.

It wouldn't be a true Road ride without a preplanned Cafe stop. Wahoo have accounted for this and ensured that the Wahoo Speedplay range have better walking capabilities thanks to the rubberized cover which provides a better base and grip between your foot and the tarmac. Combined with multiple points of contact on the pedals these road cycling pedals and cleats have been designed to withstand constant abuse whilst performing well.

What do the Professionals think?


"I've trusted Speedplay for much of my career for their reliability and ample opportunity to custom fit the position of my foot. I ride 20,000km in a year and the improvements Wahoo has made to the pedals gives me the confidence to know that my pedals will work perfectly still ensuring that my biomechanics work on the most important contact point with my bike,� - Ironman World Champion, Jan Frodeno.

"Speedplay pedals give us an advantage over other pedal systems in weight, aerodynamics, and the adjustability of their cleat system. This combination gives our riders full confidence in their equipment on race day and lets them focus on the race ahead," - EF, Education First Nippo, Team Performance Manager, Nate Wilson.

Wahoo Speedplay range breakdown


Wahoo Speedplay Nano Road Pedals

The mix of premium titanium and carbon fibre materials create a lightweight but strong pedal that will hold up and deliver speed on the breakaway. The integrated cleat system with 3-axis adjustability allows you to precisely dial in your fit for optimized biometrics and increased power transfer.

  • Spindle Material: Titanium
  • Body Material: Carbon Composite
  • Pedal Float: Adjustable from 0� to 15�
  • Stack Height: 11.5mm (3 hole) 8.5 (4 hole)
  • Weight: 168g per pair
£379.99 - Shop now

Wahoo Speedplay Nano Road Pedals

Whether gunning for the podium or just wanting to finish strong, the Speedplay Aero road pedal is aerodynamically engineered to defy wind and boost speed with less effort.

  • Spindle Material: Stainless Steel
  • Body Material: Grivory
  • Pedal Float: Adjustable from 0� to 15�
  • Stack Height: 11.5mm (3 hole) 8.5 (4 hole)
  • Weight: 224g per pair
£239.99 - Shop now

Wahoo Speedplay Zero Road Pedals

Built to take on anything, the Speedplay Zero road pedal is uniquely qualified to withstand the demands of everything from all-out racing to the epic grind of a double-century.

  • Spindle Material: Stainless Steel
  • Body Material: Grivory
  • Pedal Float: Adjustable from 0� to 15�
  • Stack Height: 11.5mm (3 hole) 8.5 (4 hole)
  • Weight: 222g per pair
£199.99 - Shop now

Wahoo Speedplay Comp Road Pedals

The exceptional comfort and versatility of the Speedplay Comp road pedal derives from its confidence-inspiring and stable platform, offering both value and performance mile after mile for cyclists of all levels.

  • Spindle Material: Chromoly
  • Body Material: Grivory
  • Pedal Float: Adjustable from 0� to 15�
  • Stack Height: 11.5mm (3 hole) 8.5 (4 hole)
  • Weight: 232g per pair
£134.99 - Shop now
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