Ortlieb Saddle Bag 2019 Review

Words by Kathryn Dickinson

on 01/04/2019 11:16:04


Renowned for their high-quality cycle luggage, Ortlieb are the market leaders in their industry and it's easy to see why. With a 5 year guarantee and a 10 year promise on spare parts, you will be hard-pressed to find another company matching their level of customer satisfaction.

The Ortlieb Saddle Bag. Perhaps not the first product that comes to mind when thinking of cycle luggage but possibly the most used and practical during everyday riding. Used to store puncture repair kit and snacks, the saddle bag removes the need to stuff your back pockets to the brim and keeps all your belongings in one handy place. We sent #TeamRutland ambassadors Lucy Sturgess and Michelle Brideau, and Kathryn Dickinson from our head office team some saddle bags to try out.

Ortlieb Saddle Bag Two 1.6l

We sent Michelle the 1.6l Saddle Bag:


This Ortlieb saddle bag has a few features that make it a joy to use. My favourite is how easy it is to take the saddle bag on and off which means you can quickly detach it and take it with you when you stop. The ease of putting on and taking off the saddle bag also makes it easy to pack or unpack the bag off the bike, and if you have more than one bike, you can buy a spare mount for your other bike(s) making it easy to swap the saddle bag between bikes quickly.


The first day I used the bike I found out this saddle bag is great for rides that get a little messy, because it is fully waterproof you know your stuff will stay dry, and the quick release means when you get home you can pop the saddle bag off the bike and run it under a tap or hose it down to clean it off again knowing everything inside will stay dry. When Ortlieb say their stuff is waterproof they mean it.


This particular saddle bag is the right size for carrying a spare inner tube or two (even those for bigger tires) a multitool and tire leavers still easily leave enough space for an emergency gel or granola bar and a packable rain jacket. If you have less in the saddle bag, you can roll it up in a more compact way making this size bag very versatile for year-round use.


This bag has a few refinements over the previous version which I have also used. It is ever so slightly larger (1.6L vs 1.3L of the old version). The straps now secure with a buckle on each side, this setup allows for a better place to attach a light on the rear of the pack than on the previous version. The side straps also mean in a pinch, you could use them to strap things to the outside of the bag due to the fact the straps can be tightened. I was concerned that the side straps and buckle would add bulk to the width of the bag and cause the bag to rub my legs, but that wasn't a problem. The other thing that Ortlieb have changed in this version is the interior of the bag. I noticed the bolt covers on the interior are smaller and smoother, taking up less room and leaving less chance of something catching on them.

Ortlieb Saddle Bag Two 1.6L

Ortlieb Saddle Bag Two 1.6L

Ortlieb's new Saddle Bag Two features a convenient adapter system that supplies you with an elegant means of stowing away additional gear that you want handy on any ride.

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Ortlieb Micro Two Saddle Bag 0.5l

We sent Lucy the 0.5l Micro Bag:


If I could avoid riding with a saddle bag all together then I would, but equally I need one to carry spare tubes, gas, tyre levers and multi tool! However this is a good compromise because its small, looks discreet and is lightweight.


The mounting set was a little bit fiddly to set up, but once it's on there its really easy to get in and out of and is a good size to be able to fit in the essentials. It fastens easily with a roll down closure and then elastic drawstrings. Its waterproof too. At £21.99 it's a good essential piece of kit at a good price.

Ortlieb Micro Two Saddlebag 0.5L

Ortlieb Micro Two Saddlebag 0.5L

Defining minimalism, Ortlieb's Micro Two 0.5 litre saddlebag is brand new for 2019, and is perfect for road riding, mountain biking, commuting, and everything in between, given its ultra-lightweight profile.

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Ortlieb Saddle Bag Two 4.1l

Kathryn from head office was given the 4.1l Saddle Bag to help her commute to work:


I was initially sceptical of the size of the bag, 4.1l is a large capacity and I feared it would stick out the back of my bike a long way. I arrived on a Monday morning to the bag on my desk and immediately went about setting it up on my road bike. The size of the saddle bag wasn't an issue as I first feared and was the ideal size for my type of riding.

I ride to work most mornings and the only thing I need to bring with me is my lunch, as I don't have pannier racks I am limited to a backpack which can be annoying on the hills into and out of work. The 4.1l bag was the perfect size for my lunchbox meaning it was goodbye to the backpack. I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the bag, the seams and fastenings are sturdy and hold the bag snugly to my bike. There is also a handy light clip at the back of the bag, perfect for riding when it's a bit darker.


One massive benefit for me was the ease in removing the bag from my bike, there is a really solid mount on the saddle bag which is secure when attached yet very easy and quick to remove the bag. I used this saddle bag out on some of my weekend rides, it easily fit all my puncture repair accessories and some spare layers. Ortlieb changed the design of the bag this year, the bag now opens and closes using two plastic buckles on either side of the bag. This means you can make the bag as small or as large as you want by tightening the buckles and folding the bag more.


As expected, the bag was completely waterproof which is always a bonus as a lot of water sprays up from the rear tyre in the mornings. I love using this bag and the choice in different sizes and colour options is great. I would definitely recommend for anyone, commuter or roadie!

Ortlieb Saddle Bag Two 4.1L

Ortlieb Saddle Bag Two 4.1L

Featuring a convenient mounting system, Ortlieb's Large Saddle Bag Two boasts 4.1 litres of capacity, and supplies you with an elegant means of stowing away additional gear that you want handy on any ride.

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