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Words by Harry Archer

on 28/10/2020 11:37:00

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Written by: William Crump

From Land's end to John O'Groats, the UK is packed full of awesome roads and gorgeous scenery that allow you to ride your Road Bike. Whether you're just getting into the sport or you're a seasoned racer of the road, you need the correct kit for the job. In this guide, we will dive into the world of road cycling and discuss the advantages of these accessories and how they will revolutionise your ride!

Overview of Road Cycling

Firstly, let's take a step back and have a brief overview of the different disciplines within road cycling. The discipline of road cycling is split into 5 basic categories - with each category having slightly different wants and needs when it comes to accessories.

  • Gravel bikes - The latest trend to sweep the world of cycling, with wider tyres than the traditional road bikes coupled with wider bars - this bike is capable of going slightly off the beaten track without sacrificing much speed when it's back onto the road.
  • Sportive/ Endurance bike - Perfect for the rider who wants to put their bike onto the back of their car, at a weekend, and comfortably do 100 miles around the peaks or the lakes.
  • All round racers - With a more aggressive geometry than a sportive bike and often lighter - this machine is capable of winning races over a longer distance.
  • Aero bikes - A super sleek speed demon, this bike is hungry for getting the fastest time over a short distance. It's aggressive geometry puts the rider in a natural aerodynamic position in order to be the fastest.
  • TT/ Triathlon bikes - It does exactly what it says on the tin! A bike designed to specifically tackle Triathlons and Time Trials. These are easily distinguishable for the unique frame design and additional aero bars on the front.
  • Helmet-branded-image


    Protect your head! Whilst chasing down the likes of Mam nick at 40mph, the last thing you want to be doing is obtaining speed wobble, slipping into the verge and falling from your bike. A helmet is one of the things that every cyclist needs in order to protect themselves against the unexpected. However, when it comes to road cycling, having a well shaped, aerodynamic helmet will increase the speed you achieve - it may only be a small difference but it could be the difference that gets you a better strava time than your friends!

    A lot of helmets these days come equipped with extra rotational helmet protection also known as MIPS BPS. This extra protection allows the head to move inside of the helmet which reduces the chance of brain damage as the rotational impact has been redirected. Click here to read more: How does MIPS work?


    Lazer Century MIPS Road Helmet

    Lazer's Century MIPS road helmet is the result 100 years of development and research. Coming with MIPS brain protection technology, the Century by Lazer exquisitely equally prioritises protection, comfort, aerodynamics and visibility.

    • Twist cap to allow helmet to be better vented or more aero depending on circumstances
    • Potential to intergrate lights into helmet
    • MIPS included
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    Kask Mojito X Road Helmet

    Because of the 'Up 'n' Down' adjustment system, the Kask Mojito X Road Helmet gives a close, comfortable fit and its internal padding is treated with the antibacterial and antimicrobial Sanitized� process.

    • 220 grams of close-fitting comfort
    • 26 air intakes for complete ventilation
    • Up n Down Adjustment System
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    The Roadie outfit - Clothing


    Having the correct clothing when riding a road bike is essential, the tight fitment allows for increased aerodynamic performance due to the fact that there will be reduced drag in the wind. The last thing you want is to have baggy clothes on whilst attempting to climb Hardknott pass!

    Clothing adapted for road cycling is often super breathable, comfortable and stretchy in order for you to be the most efficient and carefree on your ride. Rain or shine - there is apparel that can cater your needs with most clothing able to fold up into neat little packaging so it's easier to carry.


    Gore C3 Thermo Jersey

    Designed for cool weather this Gore C3 Thermo Jersey is a midweight layer that has soft feel making it a good insulator, or perfect when paired with an outer rain jacket.

    • Reflective Detailing
    • Tailored for Cooler weather - can be used as an insulator or an underlayer
    • Storage on both back and front
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    Endura Pro SL Bibshort

    For 2020 Endura have give the classic Pro SL Bibshort an overhaul. The award-winning road bibshort with multiple pad width technology now boasts a 'perfect fit' with lumbar support and power straps.

    • High quality Italian power Lycra fabric with coldblack technology dramatically reducing heat buildup
    • Updated 700 series pad with improved foam construction and a micro-polyester face fabric for unrivalled comfort.
    • 90-Day-Comfort-Guarantee
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    Being physically attached to your bike

    Riding whilst clipped in may seem like the most daunting experience known to man... However, the benefits in the long term make it a worthwhile experience. Being attached to your pedals VIA your shoes and cleats allow you to safely shift your weight around whilst achieving a better pedal stroke efficiency rate. Riding clipless pedals allows you to pull on the upstroke as well as the downstroke increasing your average speed over a longer distance.


    Shimano PD-R8000 Ultegra SPD-SL Carbon Road Pedals

    Shimano's new super lightweight PD-R8000 Ultegra Carbon Road Pedals are intended for high performance road racing, supplying you with unrivalled power transfer and efficiency.

    • Compatible Cleats - Fixed, 2 Degree or 6 Degree (Red, Blue or Yellow)- Comes in box with Yellow.
    • Weight - 248g
    • Binding - Single Sided
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    Many cleats come with different amounts of float and tension therefore making it easier for you to learn the art of riding clipped in. Road shoes usually have a 3 bolt system on the underside of the shoe and a typically flat sole to decrease weight and increase aerodynamic performance. To get the most efficient time and strava result, riding clipped in is the way forwards.


    Specialized Torch 1.0 Road Shoe

    The new Torch 1 road cycling shoes from Specialized are the most feature packed 'entry-level' shoe on the market.

    • Body Geometry sole
    • Lightweight Boa L6 dial closure
    • Synthetic leather upper
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    Shimano SH-12 SPD SL Cleats

    Shimano cleats come in three different colours each symbolising a different degree of float:

    • Red - Fixed cleat, 0� Float
    • Blue - 2� Float
    • Yellow - Best for beginners - 6� Float
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    Long gone are the days when you have to carry an OS Map with you - Cycling technology has advanced immensely in the last few years. Thanks to GPS Computers, you can now get turn by turn navigation allowing for a stress free ride with the option of a �return home� feature for when you get lost.

    As well as having it for navigational purposes, you can also accurately track your speed, cadence, distance and heart rate with the additional add ons you can get for your bike. Overall, this technology authorizes increasingly more accurate results for you to base your fitness and rides from.


    Wahoo Elemnt Roam GPS Bike Computer Bundle - Tickr Gen 2 and RPM

    The Wahoo Elemnt Roam bundle has everything you need for the complete freedom to roam on your next ride.

    • Battery life - 17 hours
    • Waterproof rating - IPX7 (up to 5ft)
    • Directly links to ANT+ Devices, Strava, Komoot, etc...
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    Garmin Edge 830 GPS Computer

    Garmin are back once more with their latest GPS in the Edge series, the 830. Now with touchscreen capabilities, they've somehow raised the bar once again, both in terms of performance, accuracy and features.

    • Battery Life - 20 Hours (40 Hours on Battery Save Mode)
    • Waterproof rating - IPX7 (up to 5ft)
    • Connectivity - ANT+, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi
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    Enjoying listening to the likes of The Prodigy to motivate you to work harder but still want to hear your surroundings? Invest in some Aftershokz Bone Conduction Headphones. This revolutionary product delivers music through your cheekbones which ensures that your ears remain available to hear your surroundings. Delivering a strong, stable connection thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, the Aftershokz will provide you 6 Hours of music playtime and calls. Shop our range of Aftershokz here!


    Aftershokz Openmove Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

    Aftershokz have brought revolutionary bone conduction technology to an accessible price point with the best-in-class OpenMove headphones. Hear your music and what's around you with headphones so lightweight you'll barely notice you're wearing them.

    • Enjoy six hours of continuous music + calls on a single charge
    • IP55 certified to repel sweat, dust and moisture, from workouts to wicked weather
    • Bluetooth v5.0 brings a quick and stable connection, with a range of up to 10m, multi-point pairing and easy switching
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    See and be seen!


    Whether commuting or out for a leisurely ride, lights are an essential part to being safe on the roads - even in the summer months! Having a small, strobing, low lumen light reduces your chance of a collision on quiet country lanes even on the brightest of days. The irregular movement of a daytime running light allows other motorists to see you.


    Cateye HL-EL135 and ORB Light Set

    Simple, strong and exceptional value for money, Cateye have combined the HL-EL135 front light and ORB rear light to shine through the busy streets on the ride to work; the ultimate commuter light set.

    • Recharge time: Front - 320Hrs on Flashing Mode, Rear - 100Hrs
    • 2x Alkaline AA Batteries
    • Good day time running lights
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    However, when it comes to winter riding, riders need to have increasingly more powerful lights with a wide spread of beam. This allows riders to get a view of the whole road which is more important than how powerful the light is in some cases. An additional light attached to the helmet is also a smart idea as they will also allow other road users to recognise that you are on a push bike.


    Moon Meteor Storm Lite and Nebula Light Set

    By combining the Meteor Storm Lite and Nebula, Moon have created an unstoppable light set that can take on all set before it, with a combined output of 1280 lumens.

    • Recharge time: Front - 105Hrs on Flashing Mode, Rear - 20Hrs
    • Front - 1100 Lumens, Rear - 180 Lumens
    • Memory mode, easy to read display
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    Depending on what discipline of road riding you are pursuing, we have different storage options available for you in order for you to carry your essential items. We cater for the bikepackers who enjoy spending days travelling from Bothy to Bothy across the North of Scotland as well as the road rider who just needs to take a few tools and nutritional items in case of emergency. Either way - we always suggest carrying a saddle bag that contains tyre levers, spare tube, CO2 Canisters and a multitool.


    Topeak Aero Wedge QR Saddle Bag

    Aero shaped wedge pack. Large openings swallow up all the things you take with you. Gussets hold the rear flap in place when open.

    • Hard wearing fabric
    • Available in four sizes and two mount options
    • QuickClick� quick release system or positive locking QR buckle with high strength straps
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    On the other hand, Bikepackers need to take a lot of equipment with them to keep their few day stints, on the road, possible. Whilst usually on a gravel bike for comfort, riders can attach panniers, top tube bags, larger saddle bags and racks for the front. All of this bikepacking luggage is waterproof to keep all your belongings safe and dry! Shop here for bikepacking luggage.


    Ortlieb Handlebar-Pack 9L

    The Rackless Luggage Range from Ortlieb is a highly innovative selection of unique solutions from the iconic bike bag brand, and the Handlebar-Pack is no exception to that.

    • 5 year warranty!
    • Volume - 9L
    • Waterproof, durable material
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    Ortlieb Frame Pack Large 6L

    Embrace minimalism on two wheels today with Ortlieb's new 6 Litre Frame-Pack. Simply attach the Frame-Pack to the top tube of your bike and you have the ideal stowage location for all of your essential tools and supplies.

    • 5 year warranty!
    • Volume - 6L
    • Waterproof, durable material
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    Turbo trainers

    When the weather proves too tough to ride your beloved bicycle out on the roads, it may be time to invest in a long term winter training solution! Our Turbo trainer guide will give you everything you need to know on Turbo's and how to keep your training consistent through the winter months without putting your bike through the harsh British weather.

    Read our guide to indoor training here!


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