Rutland Road Demo Day Vs Barbecue.

Words by Aaron Scott

on 06/03/2014 11:55:02

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Demo Day 2013

It's only a month away. Britain's best road demo day is approaching faster than a Zipp wheeled TT bike and we can almost smell the chain oil on some of the finest bikes available for you... yes you... to sit your gel insert protected behind on and head out into the wide blue yonder. 'But why?' I hear you cry, 'it will undoubtedly be barbecue weather, I was planning on cracking a beer open in the garden chomping on chicken wings and reading The Times cover to cover.

Let's take a balanced look at why you should pencil the dates of the 12th and 13th of April in your diary and forget the barbecue.

The Bikes

Specialized Tarmac SL4 Comp 2014 Road Bike


Specialized, Trek, Wilier, Scott, Giant, Raleigh, and Moda. These companies will be bringing the best they've got. Tarmac, Domane, Izoard, TCR, Stretto, Militis. There's a bike in their stables that at some point you've lusted over (I know I have) and now is your chance to get to see what they can do when ridden in anger.


Did you clean the barbecue properly after last year? No. Did you leave it out all winter to corrode in gale force winds and snow? Yes. Face it. It's a waste of time.

The Countryside

Lets face it as places to ride your bike go, it's not bad at all.

Rutland is beautiful, Cambridgeshire is beautiful. The sharp punchy climbs that deliver stunning vistas, the rolling green fields, the blue sky and the haze over the water. The tear away descents that see a faceoff between nerve and brake finger, scenery that inspired thinkers and poets. All ready to be torn through on two wheels. Bring your friends and have a blast.


Barbecue? You may as well put a sign up saying 'Irritating fauna welcome'. A fly in your beer, a mozzie landing on your burger just as you sink your teeth in... and will that wasp just take a bloody hint.

Proper Advice

There is nobody better to advise you on the bikes than the people that make them. Representatives from all the attending companies will be available to answer any questions you have alongside our sales staff who will give you the best impartial advice you could ask for. Trained bike fit staff will also be on hand to advise you on correct fit and adjustments to keep you fast and comfortable.

Master Chef

Whatever notion you have that you are a master of flame grilled cooking will be quickly dispersed once you have served your nearest and dearest with a raw sausage coated in an inch of charcoal.

'Medium rare? Yougadhit'

It's Completely Free

Free. No money. Nothing. Nada. Niente. We will have to take a refundable deposit on a debit or credit card before you go though.

The Times

'3 Down, 9 Letters. A giant leap into doping?'

More people have walked on the moon than have read The Times cover to cover. Fact.

Well, it's clear that The Rutland Cycling Demo Day is the winner. Healthier, faster and more fun than burning down your neighbours' Gazebo. Bring your helmet, kit, and an appetite for speed. I'll see you there!

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