Specialized Ambush MTB Helmet Review

Words by Aaron Scott

on 06/08/2015 12:05:00

Specialized Ambush 2015 MTB Helmet

Equally suited for trails, enduro and everything in-between, the new Ambush Helmet from Specialized provides you with the lightest, most ventilated and most protective helmet available on the market. But, don't just take our word for it, as What Mountain Bike Magazine have recently tested the whole range of MTB helmets and the Specialized Ambush MTB helmet came out as their winner with 4.5/5 stars!

The Mountain Bike Helmet Review Winner - What Bike Magazine

Specialized's Ambush sits firmly in the 'trail' family of lids, with plenty of coverage for extra protection, just without the greenhouse feel poorly vented lids can have.

At 316g, the Ambush is relatively light for a trail lid and the not-overly round shell means it's stable too. The internal profile sat comfortably over our skull, with no pressure or pinch points. However, some testers found it narrower than normal towards the front.

Specialized Ambush 2015 MTB Helmet

An internal Aramid skeleton and multi-density EPS foam is there to boost protection in a crash. The retention system tightens evenly all around the head, rather than just the rear third, though the adjustment wheel isn't the smoothest. Specialized's Tri-Fix straps are fixed either side of the ear and other than length, aren't adjustable but ft around the ear is great, maintaining comfort.

Ventilation from the Ambush is up there with the best in class, with large vents and well sorted internal channelling keep air flowing over your head. The forehead location of the Mouthport vent is excellent while there's also a small gap between the shell and cradle, which draws further air and helps avoid goggle or glasses misting.

The massive visor has loads of adjustment, getting low enough to keep rain from the eyes and just high enough for goggles to sit under.

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One of the best vented, most comfortable trail lids on the market, minus the stupid price tag.

Specialized Ambush 2015 MTB Helmet

Credit - Specialized Bikes & Enduro MTB

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