Specialized Diverge Sport E5 - Everything You Need To Know

Words by Harry Archer

on 08/02/2018 16:20:56


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Riders who want to experience a bit of everything with just one bike. The Diverge E5 is strong, comfortable and versatile - allowing you to take the routes you want, be they on or off road. Looking for a road bike that you can ride on the single-track? Diverge. Looking for a bike you can commute on all year round with high-performance and durable components at a very competitive sub £1000 price point? Diverge. Easy to upgrade and with a frame built with very high-quality materials ensuring its longevity, The Specialized Diverge E5 Sport could be your introduction into the worlds of road, cyclocross, gravel and touring rides - or all four! the possibilities are endless!

Frame & Fork

When the Diverge was first released in 2015 it hailed the start of a new era of Road cycling. The Diverge was the first of the dedicated 'do-it-all' road bikes that featured wider tyres, clever suspension technology and revised geometries that allowed you to adventure into the unknown on a drop-bar road bike, tackling loose off-road single-track with as much ease as you would have on tarmac. For 2018, Specialized have continued to improve and innovate on what is already an extremely successful formula. As such, all Diverge bikes are manufactured with Elite E5 alloy tubing, creating a light-weight, stiff and ultra-durable frame that is used all the way up the range - even on Specialized bikes used at last years Tour De France! The Sport E5 isn't fitted with the Future Shock (all models in the Diverge range after the Sport E5 have been equipped) but it does utilise unique 'open road geometry' that provides accurate steering and responsive handling to offer a great riding experience when out on the dirt tracks pulling skids round tight, dusty corners. This year's frame has seen the bottom bracket lowered, and the introduction of a slacker head tube and a shorter wheelbase making the Diverge shorter, taller, quicker and more agile than ever before. A light FACT carbon fork and wide through-axles in the wheels, combined with the mega-stiff Praxis Alba 2D crank-set ensures a rigid, responsive and confidence inspiring ride quality weather you're on the road or the trail, proving that the Diverge E5 Sport truly is your one do-it-all bike for all year round.



Powered by its Shimano Sora 2x9 speed drivetrain, the Diverge shifts reliably through its 18 gears and is more than capable enough to take on a large range of hills thanks to its larger 32T rear cog and the smaller 48/32T chain-set. The bike's Tektro Mira cable disc brakes ensure that the Specialized Diverge E5 Sport is an all-weather machine, ready to take on any form of riding and conquer all. For the rider seeking to tackle steeper or more technical routes an upgrade to hydraulic disc brakes may be a good option due to their increased reliability and responsiveness. In addition, Shimano Sora group-sets are renowned for being pretty much bomb-proof and a fantastic workhorse but if you're after really responsive shifting and enhanced climbing ability you may find yourself wanting to upgrade to Tiagra or 105 systems in the future. Thanks to the consistency of frame geometries as you move up the range, Upgrades shouldn't be too much of an issue as you progress.


Wheels and Finishing Kit

The Diverge E5 Sport comes equipped with smooth, fast rolling 30mm tyres and durable Axis Sport Disc Rims. The Diverge can take up to a 38mm tyre with mudguards and a whopping 42mm tyre without mudguards so you can be certain you'll have plenty of grip and support when you venture off-road but It may be worth upgrading to tubeless in the future if you're finding punctures a problem. Three bottle cage mounts and the ability to fit front and rear racks with mudguards make the Diverge E5 Sport a brilliant choice for commuters, tourers and adventurers whilst the SWAT storage box can be fitted onto the frame, allowing for built in storage for your essentials, tools and food via a box attached between the down tube and the seat tube.

Specialized Diverge E5 Sport


Specialized's new Diverge E5 Sport is quite simply the one bike that does everything. Built around a stiff yet lightweight aluminium alloy frame, the Diverge E5 Sport possesses exceptional power transfer while remaining compliant and soaking up lumps and bumps along the way with help from its FACT carbon fork.

  • Frame - Specialized E5 Premium Aluminium
  • Fork - Specialized FACT carbon
  • Drivetrain - Shimano Sora, long cage, 18-speed
  • Brakes - Tektro Mira, flat mount, mechanical disc

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