#TeamRutland | Allen's 10,000 mile review on the Specialized Roubaix

Words by Will Crump

on 22/12/2020 15:17:30


10,000 miles not out - A full review of the Specialized Roubaix

Words by #TeamRutland Ambassador, Allen Norris

10,000 miles is a long way, its roughly the average mileage of an average car, doing your average commute to an average job in an average year. 'Stop saying Average' I hear you, the reader say. Well, I'll not write average in this blog again, nothing about this bike is the a- word I can't use anymore.

To set the scene, I was over the moon to be made an ambassador with Rutland Cycling, not just because it's a great thing to get the local community around Whitwell on their bikes but we get to road test the greatest bikes you could imagine. This was more than handy as at the time I was about to set off on one of my many ultra-endurance, solo charity rides, this time to Madrid. I know it's a crazy concept to ride no more than 10 miles before setting off to Spain (I literally rode back to my house in Stamford from the store before setting off) but I knew that this bike was a perfect fit for me.


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The thing is - technically speaking - the bike is on fire, it has an Ultegra groupset, and unlike some bikes at the same price, comfort and speed are not a compromise. Its fully Carbon, so it weights under 8kg, the geometry is designed to compliment your cycling, in a bespoke position for you. If you want to cycle for 12 hours and be pushing 200W the bike will more than cope but at same time if you want to sprint for a couple of hours the bike will push you along to its level. This bike makes you raise your game.

Most of you reading this will know if you have been in the saddle for more than 10 hours a week through a season you may have the odd niggle in your hands or your lower back. Thankfully with the Future Shock 2.0 you won't feel any bumps in the road, cobbles in the street (I lived in Stamford, this is handy), and on the odd occasion you use Google maps in France and get sent down a very questionable road the future shock will keep you sane. If you were wondering why its named Roubaix, coping with cobbles harks back to the historic sportive of the same name.

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The bike (or Ruby as I have named it) still feels the same as when I first rode it, in fact I have only just replaced the tyres and its only had one service. This may be more to do with my laziness/not wanting to miss out on riding it.

The bike has its own personality, which I know makes me sound mental but stick with me... I took part in the 24hour Red Bull Time Laps recently with #TeamRutland and we were lucky to have Malloy park to ourselves to get some early miles on the board. The weather was disgusting, particularly for fellow ambassador Lee who had to cope with frankly biblical conditions. In fact if you were watching the Instagram stories you would have seen Lee out there and me back away in the paddock!

When I went to warm up, again I know it sounds daft but the bike was ready, it was raring to go. I do endurance, not quite Mark Beaumont levels but I am happy to cycle 100+ miles day after day, but that day at Malloy I was basically Cavendish for a couple of hours thanks to the bike.


There have been occasions over a long distance where the bike just seemed right for the occasion. I cycled 163 miles from the South of France into the Pyrenees and then a brilliant descent into Spain. The Roubaix supported me up the climbs, the control on the downhill parts felt fantastic and the gorgeous sound of the drive train was frankly delicious.

I have just finished a virtual LEJOG during the second English Lockdown and physically I feel fine, unlike the two other occasions where I rode on a Mountain bike and a Specialized Allez. This goes back to the geometry of the frame, you just don't ache after hours in the saddle. I cannot recommend it enough.


Once this pandemic is under control I am going to have the longest commute in my life when I cycle to my work's head office in Larvik, Norway. Ruby is ready... I am not sure I am mind you!

We have been into Wales, Scotland, Norfolk, Suffolk, London, Spain, France, the Pyrenees, Hampshire and Stamford in all weather conditions during the last 18 months. It almost makes no sense on how the bike keeps going and keeps me feeling as though I am a semi decent cyclist and not an average one... OK I used the 'A' word but the only thing that is average about the bike is whoever is riding it because the Specialized Roubaix is the best bike you haven't ridden yet. Trust me, after 10,000 miles I'd not swap this bike for anything else, here's to the next 10k.


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