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Specialized Sirrus Range Guide

Zero transport costs, environmentally friendly and most importantly fun - cycling is the perfect way to get fit and improve your commute to work. The Sirrus is a popular staple of the Specialized line-up, providing road bike geometry with comfortable flat bar handling for a fast and stable ride.

The Sirrus sits in Specialized's lineup for that purpose and more, being a comfortable introduction to the world of performance cycling for those who just want to ride. Now, the Sirrus is more versatile than ever thanks to the introduction of all new and expanded Sirrus X range.

Lighter is smoother

This year sees expansion to the Sirrus range in the form of the Sirrus X model. 2019 saw the launch of the Sirrus X Comp Carbon to great acclaim, with Specialized building on this success with a four strong range for 2020.

Starting with the Sirrus X 2.0 and ranging up to the 5.0, each Sirrus X model is available with a 1x drivetrain setup, hydraulic disc brakes and Specialized Gripton Pathfinder tyres as standard. Less pavement more path, although it's not a mountain bike the Sirrus X aims to take you to locations you could only dream of on a standard hybrid, holding you back from nothing.

High volume tyres, optional future shock and a lightweight part spec reduce energy transfer by almost 40% compared to heavier, suspension equipped hybrids. The Sirrus is for those who seek to do more, whether that be riding further or exploring a new trail, whatever your budget. For the year ahead Specialized have updated the entire range with a fresh colour palette, with a host of colours to choose from depending on your choice of model.

Specialized Sirrus X 5.0 | Rutland Cycling
Specialized Sirrus X 5.0 Groupset | Rutland Cycling

Which Sirrus is right for me?

The Specialized Sirrus is truly dream-bike material for those looking for a bike to do it all. Low rolling resistance and quality road componentry ensures an effortless ride on even the poorest of UK roads, with high-comfort geometry allowing for a confidence inspiring ride. Tough and commute ready, the Sirrus is a model ideal for those who do not wish to commit or feel poorly suited to a drop bar road bike.

All Sirrus hybrid models come ready to fit mudguards with their Plug + Play rack and fender mounts and also feature Body Geometry touch-points to keep you in comfort and control. This years Sirrus range sees use of Shared Platform equipment, with saddles, bar widths and grips being ergonomically designed for riders of different heights. Through use of Retul data Specialized concluded that gender was often not the discerning factor between two riders, leading to a range of bikes designed for riders, not their sex.

Disc brakes & weights

Disc brakes feature heavily through the range, with only the lowest end Sirrus using the less powerful, but still highly functional V-brakes. Hydraulic disc models will improve braking modulation and stopping power, keeping you in control wherever the ride takes you. The weight of the Specialized Sirrus is overall light, with carbon forks significantly lowering the weight over the entry level steel forks on models from the Sirrus 3.0 up.

So, with two options available, which is the best model for you? The choice between the Sirrus and Sirrus X will weigh largely on where and on what surfaces you plan to cycle. Read on below to find out the main differences between the two.


Whether pushing to meet fitness goals or taking your first steps in road riding, the Sirrus is the ideal way to get from A-B. This model is perfect if you are looking a bike dependable cycle that can stand the daily abuses of modern riding in an easy to ride, no-nonsense package. Depending on the model, the Sirrus uses either an A1 premium aluminium frame or carbon frameset, offering a comfortable ride at all price-points.

On the high-end of the range, the Sirrus sees additions of the Specialized Future Shock suspension. Made in conjunction with McLaren this gives 20mm of progressive suspension travel which drastically improves comfort, allowing you to push faster for longer. Higher end models will also benefit from the vibration dampening features of a carbon frameset as it allows for improved compliance.

If you are staying solely on tarmac surfaces then the Sirrus is the ideal choice and an ideal fitness bike, offering lower rolling resistance and the same lightweight drivetrain components found on many road bikes. Tow-paths, rougher roads and the occasional gravel jaunt wouldn't faze the Sirrus one bit, but if this makes up the majority of your riding then you may be better suited to the Sirrus X.

Sirrus X

Building on the success of their classic Sirrus line-up, 2019 saw the introduction of a new model - the Sirrus X. It broadened the horizons of the already fantastic models available by offering the same superb ride quality in a versatile, do-it-all package.

Specialized improved the clearance to fit 38mm Pathfinder tyres, giving improved grip on a variety of off-road surfaces outside of the standard Sirrus's remit. This improved tyre clearance allows for wide tyres that can be run at lower pressures to improve grip and comfort when the terrain takes a turn. This coupled with the Future Shock seen on the premium Sirrus X models allows for an incredibly capable ride that could see perfect use on everything from singletrack to gravel, alongside being perfectly apt for road riding.

If your commute sees you off the beaten track, or if you don't want your ride to be limited by your bike then the Sirrus X is 100% the model for you. It's versatility shines when the terrain gets rough, but city-based riders may prefer the more road-centric ride of the standard Sirrus.

Shop the range

Still not sure which model is for you? Head into your local Rutland cycling store or give our sales team a call to find out more from our expert staff. Find your local store here, or head online for special offers, finance options and more.



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