#TeamRutland | Chris Teagles' one month review on NEW Stumpjumper

Words by Will Crump

on 25/11/2020 16:46:00


2021 Stumpjumper Comp Alloy - One month in - Chris Teagles

Words by: Chris Teagles

Chris picked up his new 2021 Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Alloy on release date in October, since then he's been throwing it at some local stuff to see just how good it is and after a month of riding he's let us know some of his initial impressions.

I've just had to trawl through my emails to work out when I collected the new Specialized Stumpjumper, it feels like its been 'mine' for at least 6 months. But in reality, its only been with me just over a month. That's how comfortable I feel on this bike, sometimes it feels like there needs to be an adjustment period when swinging a leg over a new bike, but I felt so at home on this Stumpy Comp Alloy from day one.

For 2021 Specialized has removed the pivot on the chain stays for its carbon frames, this alloy one retains it and because of this its pretty much business as usual. A great all round solid bike with a taste for the more technical trails. It reminds me a great deal of my old Carbon Stumpy from 2019. But this new one only takes 29 inch wheels and has a revised sizing guide - but more on that later.

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Initial Impressions -


I felt immediately comfortable on this bike, you feel very much like you are sitting 'In' it rather than on it. The top tube reaches out ahead of you and the low BB keeps you low to the ground and gives you loads of stability.

On paper this isn't a million miles from my old Giant Trance 29er but in reality 15mm more rear travel and 10mm more front (140mm/130mm) and some slightly different geometry feels radically different. This is not an XC bike at all, this feels way more serious. Specialized has always sold the Stumpjumper as a trail bike, that perfect all-rounder, the perfect one bike solution. This is pretty much bang on the money. And for someone looking for a well spec'd competent trail bike for the price, I think this is the one you want.

Carbon is great, but the weight penalty for this level bike is not massive and the alloy frame represents fantastic value, it's the one I would have for sure.

The Specification


The usual no-nonsense products are all over this bike, Fox handles the suspension, with a DPS and a 34 Rhythm. Easy to set up as always and great kit for the price range. SRAM supplies the brakes and drivetrain - no complaints there either, the new G2 brakes needed some different compound pads before they really came alive but I think we can safely put that down to the delightful winter conditions we have here in the UK. Its solid, dependable kit all over which is perfect.


Specialized have tied all this together with a great frame that really makes the most of the parts on it and results in a really great package. The new sizing system is designed to allow anyone to ride any size bike they want, picking a bike because of the geometry numbers and reach rather than having to ride the only bike they fit. I'm on an S4 and it feels great for me. Long and low and slack enough. But if I fancied something more nimble for jumps and bike parks I could size down with no issues. This means you end on a bike that suits your riding not just your measurements which is the way it should be.


Specialized Stumpjumper Comp 29 2021

With redesigned Kinematics, this Alloy machine is capable of tackling any trail thanks to its perfect blend of components.

  • Frame - Alloy Chassis and Rear end, Asymmetrical design with Horst Pivot BB Adjustment
  • Fork - FOX FLOAT 34 Rhythm, 140mm, 44mm offset, 15x110mm Boost�
  • Drivetrain - SRAM NX Eagle, 12 Speed
  • Brakes - SRAM G2-R, 4 Piston Caliper (200/180)
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Hitting the Trails -


Out on the trails, this bike feels awesome. Sat down peddling up hills it doesn't feel particularly spritely, but when you stand up and pedal, charging hard down the first section of trail the bike comes to life. It sits up, wakes up and feels really responsive. Hitting some steeper more technical features and it just feels so composed and capable, taking everything in its stride. Offering bags of compliance and grip through the frame and suspension it gives amazing confidence in the winter slop.

Its got an adjustable flip-chip as well so tuning the ride for a more mellow local is really handy. I've been running it in the slightly steeper setting with a higher BB. Two bolts and a minutes work and you can adjust it back to the slacker, lower, longer mode which is really handy to adjust it for more technical rides.



Initial impressions are very good, this bike has got me eager for more. I'm planning trips away as soon as I possibly can. I'd love to take it to Bike Park Wales and I'm looking forward to my annual Scotland trip to see how it fares when the going gets really steep. Once I have a bit more riding under my belt, I think I can give more of an opinion but I have no doubts the Stumpjumper Comp Alloy will deliver.

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