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Specialized Stumpjumper Range Guide

The Stumpjumper was a trailblazer in the early years of mountain biking and, even more so since the prevalence of full suspension, has always been a force to be reckoned with on the trails. To mark its 40th birthday, Specialized has upped their game and made their Stumpy stiffer, more tuneable and a lot lighter. If you want a capable trail bike that you can take to your local bike park or further off piste then the Stumpjumper really could be the ultimate trail bike.


New for 2021

For 2021, we see the Stumpjumper continuing woth an asymmetrical sidearm design, as seen in previous years. However, small adjustments have been made to the shape of the frame which has several benefits to the feel of the bike. The main difference you will feel is that the carbon frame is lighter than the previous years and that the bike will feel a lot stiffer thanks to redesigned sidearm strut and mounting points for the rear shock. 2021 also sees a pivotless seatstay/chainstay on the carbon models - all of which enhances pedalling efficiency because of the on-piece rear end.

The rise of the mullet - in the Stumpjumper EVO range, riders can now experience a modern mullet machine. The Stumpjumper EVO LTD is equipped with a 29er upfront for more traction and better handling whilst the rear is equipped with a 27.5inch wheel for the moments when you feel a bit more daring and playful. The mullet allows for a super fun riding style - both at home in a bike park and away on the trails. This is a bike that will send you home with a big smile on your face.

Specialized Stumpjumper Pro 2021
Specialized Stumpjumper sidearm frame

The frame

The flip chip is here to stay in 2021, and with even bigger benefits. For the best experience on the trails the Stumpy EVO has six different geometry settings - the ultimate trail bike just got even better. A horst link mounted flip chip allows the rider to tune their bike to anywhere between 63 and 65.5 allowing them to climb or descend through any trails. Riders also have the option to adjust the bottom bracket height on their Stumpy - a higher BB means less rockstrikes and a more lively bike. In opposition, a lower BB means the bike's centre of gravity is lower allowing the bike to feel more planted when the going gets tough.

Specialized also has kept their SWAT door storage system in the downtube of their frames which proved very popular in the MTB community. In the EVO model, the downtube has increased in size allowing for EVEN more storage for all the necessities you need whilst out on the trails.


S-Sizing guide

S sizing is still quite a new concept when it comes to sizing and it has expanded into the Stumpjumper range this year. What matters the most to a mountain bike rider is rider size and style of riding. If you're the rider who likes a more playful and maneuverable bike, you might want to consider a smaller S-size might be better for you thanks to the shorter reach. However, if you prefer a trail bike that's more stable and wants to carry its speed then a larger S-size would suit your needs best. Equally, if you rode a medium beforehand, the equivalent size would be S3 which gives you a nice balanced bike capable of tackling any trail you want to hit.


Advantages of a 29er

Long gone are the days when riding a 29er was a new concept - they're here to stay! The new Stumpjumper opts for 29 inch wheels only, with the only exception being the EVO LTD which comes stock as a mullet. 29ers allow riders to plough through rough and rocky terrain without losing any speed or momentum due to enhanced traction. If you're after Strava KOM's then these bikes will push you to your absolute limits and the top of the leaderboards.

Specialized Stumpjumper Evo | Rutland Cycling

Stumpjumper Range Guide

The go-to trail bike, and for many the best - capable geometry, lightweight and versatile. The regular version of the Stumpjumper is made for everyone, but is by no means a boring ride. Throw the numbers in a spreadsheet and you will be met with fun, user-friendly geometry that is aggro enough to keep you upright when the trail gets steep but won't spoil an all-day climbing epic.

RX Tune suspension is perfectly paired with the bike's kinematics, ensuring you have the ability to fine tune and get the most out your ride. Nothing is an afterthought when it comes to the Stumpjumper's suspension, with a zero-compromise approach leading to supple suspension that also takes the hits.

Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Alloy 2021
Specialized Stumpjumper at Woburn

Stumpjumper Evo Range Guide

Released in 2019 to universal acclaim, the Stumpjumper EVO is Specialized's answer to the "one bike to do it all" conundrum, if you like to get rowdy that is! The EVO pushes the envelope when it comes to trail bike geometry, with an incredibly slack 63 degree head angle and long reach measurements to match.

This is a bike that truly excels when the riding is steep and technical - the harsh gradients of Pleney's off-piste, or the chunkiest of Welsh descents. This is a bike designed to keep you in control when the trail turns nasty.



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