Everything you need to know about Sportful Cycling Clothing

Words by Will Crump

on 23/06/2021 11:30:00


Founded in 1972, in Italy, Sportful started out as a small clothing business that specialised in high quality, high performance and aesthetically sleek Skiing clothing that could be used during cross country endurance racing. 13 years down the line, in 1985, Sportful clothing started their next venture into the world of Cycling where they have firmly made themselves known and shaped themselves into the modern brand we see and wear today! Worn by a large collection of pro teams, Sportfuls range is designed and dedicated for the world's best athletes that have to ride in changing conditions.


Considering that the business was created in the Dolomites in Italy, extensive and innovative design and research has gone into making Sportful clothing some of the most durable, comfortable and high performance garments around with ranges designed for both Winter riding, Summer riding... and everything in between.

In this blog, we shall dissect the brands family history, have a look at the creative design and technology that goes into the Sportful garments before showing you some of their recent ranges of performance Cycling Clothing.

Diving into Family History


In 1946, Olindo & Irma Cremonese moved towards the Dolomites (a mountain range in Italy) to start the foundations of a new business which primarily sheared, carded and spun wool yarn before evolving into a business that created underwear under the name of Manifattura Valcismon. As mentioned previously, in 1972, their son Giordano Cremonese became increasingly interested in Skiing clothing that could endure the constant long distance races through the cold valleys of the Dolomites.

In 1985, after carving their names deep into the Skiing world, Sportful decided to expand into the Cycling market where they have since adapted and dominated for years with their name being recognised on many of the worlds Pro athletes and teams. Behind Sportfuls clothing are layers of innovative design that ensure the rider stays comfortable in constantly changing conditions allowing their ride to feel enjoyable and effortless no matter what the environment is.

Use what the professionals are using


After being launched into the cycling world, Sportful was well received and used by teams such as Ceramiche Ariostea ,Maglificio Bianchi and then Mapei... arguably one of the most successful teams. A few years later, they had the honour of serving the Italian national team who won 6 World championships and an Olympic title all whilst wearing Sportful cycling garments.

Fast forward to todays range


In today's market, Sportful is still one of the biggest names of clothing manufacturers with their products being produced in the same factory as Castelli... so you know they are the real deal! Whilst originating from a cold background due to their location and origins, Sportfuls summer range continues to remain comfortable all day whilst being high performance. For example, their Kite range is made out of lightweight materials that are quick drying if you get caught out in a typical British shower as well as being good at moisture wicking for longer and warmer days in the saddle

Sportful have also thought of everything when it comes to practicality! In most of their Cycling jerseys, riders will find 3 easily accessible yet secure pockets to carry spare tools, water bottles or spare tubes followed by one more zipped pocket for all your valuables.

As for Sportful shorts and bib shorts, they really have gone the extra mile by crafting them from AeroFlow compressed fabrics which is a lightweight material that delivers muscle support to your legs as well as increasing blood circulation to keep you comfortably in the saddle all day long. By finishing off these shorts with extra flat seams just increases your level of comfort as you efficiently glide through the air on race day.

Want to go all out and get the full kit? You can be fully decked out in Sportful with the addition of Gloves, Mitts, Socks, baselayers and in winter... overshoes! By using nanotechnology materials , Sportful clothing successfully keeps out rain and wind so you can just focus on riding and not on cold and wet hands and feet.

Cycling outfit Inspiration



Sportful Idea Womens Jersey Red Wine

The jersey is made from a lightweight, breathable polyester fabric with a microstructure which will help keep moisture away. Add to that there are Micromesh sleeves with raw-cut edge to help you perform and keep you cool when you're on the saddle.

  • Lightweight, breathable polyester fabric with microstructure
  • Micromesh sleeves with raw-cut edge
  • 3 open pockets with gusset for increased capacity and micromesh number holder
  • Grip tape at bottom of jersey in back
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Sportful BodyFit Classic Womens Short Black

Crafted using AeroFlow Compress fabric, these bibshorts are lightweight and deliver muscle support and improved circulation. Using extra flat seams to maximise comfort, these shorts will let you make the most of the sunshine by riding for as long as your legs will take you.

  • AeroFlow Compress fabric on legs for muscle support
  • 220g Lycra� for muscle support
  • Laser-cut leg band with silicone gripper
  • BodyFit Pro Women's seat pad
  • Flat-lock seams placed on back of the leg for maximum aerodynamics
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Sportful Kite Short Sleeve Jersey

The Sportful Kite Jersey material is lightweight, quick-drying and high wicking to help you keep fresh particularly on hot rides. Add to that the open semi-structured fabric keeps you comfortable and dry while you hit longer trails especially in mild to hot conditions.

  • Lightweight, open semi-structured polyester fabrics for moisture wicking and quick drying
  • Stretch panels on sleeves with raw-cut edge for a perfect fit
  • 3 rear pockets
  • Lightweight elastic waist
  • Rear reflective highlights
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Sportful BodyFit Pro Ltd Bibshort

The Sportful Bodyfit Pro Ltd Bibshorts feature Sportful's TC Pro Seat pad, an incredibly comfortable seatpad will let you spend long hours in the saddle comfortably. For an aerodynamic advantage, these shorts are made from breathable AeroFlow Compress fabric which gives great muscle support and cool to help you keep riding for longer.

  • Legs made from breathable AeroFlow Compress fabric
  • Flat-lock stitching for comfort and fit
  • 220g Lycra� for support
  • Lie-flat bib straps for excellent comfort and support
  • Seamless leg band with silicone grip
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