Still active here at The RockBlok - keeping busy and delivering our mini adventures

Words by Aaron Scott

on 09/09/2013 06:39:00

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First let me apologise for the lack of blogs, however we are still active here at The RockBlok and keeping busy delivering our mini adventures on our climbing wall, high ropes and within the surrounding areas at Whitwell to a wide range of groups and individuals, enjoying the odd crisp winters days in-between some rather wet days, where you will find our team of dedicated and cheery instructors water proofed up, delivering our activities come hell or high water!

Both our Junior Climbing Club and Disabilities Club (ACE) have been braving the conditions arriving well equipped wrapped up in their winter outfits, for true adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts this is all part of the game we love to play.

Saturday and Sunday mornings you will find us delivering our climb club sessions where within our junior club we have seen several enthusiastic new comers progress through the levels 1 and 2 of the NICAS scheme and are now the proud owners of the yellow (level 1) and green (level 2) certificates along with new skills to get them started within the sport of climbing. Several of our more advanced club members have progressed through the grades and are now proudly involved in assisting and supervising our new and younger club members.

Our ACE Club (Adventure Challenge Extreme) has seen some very brave, exiting achievements and progression by pretty much all involved including some of the carers. We have seen one young lady achieving great things on both the climbing wall and high ropes, challenging her fear by making her way up to our dreaded and rather intimidating overhang, not happy with this and fuelled by her determination to make her way to the top of the climbing wall, successfully she arrived and proudly waved from the heady heights to several very proud onlookers below. Several weeks later we saw the young lady return to complete several circuits of our high ropes course managing to negotiate several sections under her own steam, what an achievement.

Unwilling to let the heavy down-pour of incessant rain spoil our fun we busied ourselves building shelters where beneath our adventurers created warmth to keep the cold at bay and heat to cook a welcome breakfast of bacon butties to cheer and comfort us, the heat source a camp fire built and lit with not a match in sight to ignite it, just a fire steel with which we generated sparks into the bed of our camp fire and...... hey presto we have flames! Well not quite so easy as that but with bags of team work and determination within the group we succeed and warmth along with breakfast was served.

Early Autumn saw us delivering one of our Adventure Challenge Events to Bourne Grammar School. Sixty participants competed in teams to gain points in six separate activities including climbing, high ropes, cycling, problem solving, orienteering and kayaking with the aim of building and strengthening team work and communication skills and this was certainly tested within the challenges and time-scales set.

With the arrival of November we shifted into our winter opening hours, with cooler weather and shortening daylight hours things quieten down for us and is the time of year where my skills and knowledge of outdoor equipment along with apparel gets divided between both the RockBlok and our sister store Rutland Outdoor here you will occasionally find me chatting over past adventures and offering friendly help and advice to our customers.

With the New Year upon us now we will be making ready The RockBlok for our busy spring and summer period so please keep an eye on our web site and blog as we will soon be setting posting dates of our events along with our Climb on Real Rock Trip dates and venues.

Please may we wish you an exceptional year of exciting and fun filled adventures.

Onwards and upwards.

Steve and the RockBlok team