#TeamRutland 2019 Goals

Words by Kathryn Dickinson

on 27/12/2018 15:23:04


With only a few days left of 2018 we caught up with our #TeamRutland ambassadors to find out what they're plans are for riding in the new year!


The big goal:

For the first half of 2019 I'm aiming to ride many more Audax events, and the big 2019 goal is to reach Super Randonneur status (which requires you to complete a 200, 300, 400 and 600km ride in one year) as this is a Pairs-Brest-Paris year for the Audax community (happens every 4 years) I will be aiming to qualify for that (which narrows the window down to 6 months). As I'm confirmed to do a ride on a trip to Vancouver (GrandFondo Whistler) in September I'm not sure logistically I'll be able to ride Paris-Brest-Paris (at the end of August) just yet.


Other 2019 plans:

This will be the year I go off road. As I have agreed to go MTB'ing with my brother-in-law in Vancouver (after the GrandFondo) and because there is a good size woman's MTB/gravel bike community here in Bristol, I'm going to be having a go with getting off road this year so I won't be going down Whistler my very first time on a MTB!


What does 2019 mean for me? Well, its sort of an obvious answer. Ride even more. The UK if you weren't aware, is booming right now for all things mountain biking and there hasn't been a better time that I've known of to get riding. Whether that be Bike Parks, Trail centres, or some off piste riding in the Peaks, next year is going to more riding, in more NEW places for me.

archie year review


I will hopefully start building up some fitness and enter some races again next year! I would love to get back my 2nd cat racing license and improve in TT PBs at 10, 25 and 50 mile distances. We plan to enter some of these races together as a team for Leicester Forest CC. I also really enjoyed club runs and group rides this year, so more of that. The thing I love about cycling is the places it can take you and that it can be anything you want it to be so here's to more adventures in the new year.



Looking ahead to 2019 I have a very big goal and that is to earn my Professional Racing licence for Long Distance triathlon, a dream I have had since I first started triathlon back in 2016. I have the opportunity to do this in April at Challenge Salou 70.3 so I am working very closely with my coach and doing everything that I can in order get myself in the in the best condition possible in order to achieve this goal. I'm very exited for what the future holds.



In writing this preview for the 2019 season I am mentally committing to the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships in Poland, road race and TT. The season here in Abu Dhabi finishes at the end of March which will probably coincide with my return to the UK. I may even avoid getting my arm warmers out so hopefully my legs won't be quite as pasty as normal, and I'll have some racing in them to get stuck into the British spring campaign


Racing over here in Abu Dhabi is still very active in January and February. The first big event of the year is the Liwa Desert race in the Western Region. I know the area and it is stunning. The types of sand dunes you see in romantic movies about Arabia. The race is 90km and pretty much up and down constantly. It is one of the most beautiful races in the region and one where I really intend to mark my presence here.

Its then a road race which finishes on top of the Jebel Jaise mountain in Ras Al Khaimah. Nearly 20kms of climbing which is why I have started the restricted time eating regime. After ToC and the new event in the Golazo Cycling portfolio, the UK National Elite Road Championships and the Great British Cycling Festival Sportive in June, I shall, all things being equal, give it full gas on the training for Poland. Most of my time will be spent on the TT bike.


In any event I hope to maintain my rediscovered love of riding my bike which I lost with the relentless grinding training I was doing from Dec 2017 to June 2018.

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