#TeamRutland: Harper's Coast to Coast E-Bike Ride

Words by Aaron Scott

on 17/08/2017 08:43:57


Philip Harper is our E-Bike Specialist here at Rutland Cycling. Earlier this summer, along with his family, he cycled from Plymouth to Ilfracombe along National Cycle Route 27, covering 30-35 miles each day aboard E-Bikes!


Setting off at the end of July, Philip, wife Sarah and their daughter Skye would be taking on the ride astride Haibike's provided by UK distributor, Raleigh. With the bikes arriving in mid-May, the Harper's had plenty of time to test out their transport and give the bikes a good shake down.

Distance test is next to see how engaged we can keep Skye for 30+ miles, and if Sarah Harper can make her battery last ie not using High power all the time! I guess 2 laps of Rutland Water would be the best test and safest in our area. I think two visits to the Horse and Jockey is a must!"

As the departure date rolled around, it was time to pack up and head south for Devon, and the start of several days of e-powered fun!


First day done - 28 miles along the National Cycle route 27. The scenery was amazing and the tracks are very well maintained in this first part of our trip. There were a few bits in towns that were a hassle but the views on the rest of the trails were picturesque. The last 6 miles seemed to be all uphill which was the only time I used any e-bike power, mainly to keep up with my daughter! So, it's 38 miles and forecast sunny again for the next leg - let's see what that brings.

Day 2 was absolutely amazing. The route had a few more road sections than we first thought but these were very tame, not too busy back roads. We had to negotiate one town and ended up going through Bideford town centre. We found the most amazing caf� on the trail set in a tranquil apple orchard. All-in-all, a most awesome second day! Day 3 is a short one but looking like a wet one.


Last day done. It was wet and windy for the first 30 minutes, then the rain stopped. It was windy for most of the day but we got on with it. Still a good day with some great climbing done up some very steep back country roads and streets. Big well done to my daughter Skye for not moaning once today!

We have had the best time and it would have not been as great as it was without Debbie Crilley and Paul Crilley that were the best support crew we could have asked for. I recommend this trip to any one - e-biker or not.

This trip would have been completely different without the e-bikes - they made the trip a pleasure and helped those less capable keep on a par with everyone else. Being able to ride alongside your partner or child and watching them smile and enjoy the scenery without worrying that in another ten miles you would hear the "are we nearly there, I'm tired!" was amazing! With an e-bike, you can take on an adventure that you thought wouldn't be possible, and make it happen.