Reviewed: Tacx Flux Smart Trainer

Words by Harry Archer

on 04/12/2017 14:35:18

Review by Kyle Armstrong (Manager, Giant Store Cambridge)

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The long warm days of summer have sadly left us, and once again winter has creeped in.

Wet, cold, dark mornings.


Slippery roads.

But in the interest and value of training, more and more people are turning to indoor training to keep up their winter fitness. In fact an increasing number of pro athletes are spending the majority of their bike sessions indoors for a number of reasons:

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Lets be honest - riding outside is fun, but there are a lot of opportunities to rest, freewheel, stop, drink coffee, eat cake.....just me? Training indoors removes a lot of those variants and allows you to focus on a specific session. Whether that be intervals, an FTP test or simply mashing out an hours session, an indoor session will be much more effective that nipping out for an hour.

Virtual Racing

Gone are the days of staring at your garage wall, wishing that your hour in the pain cave would end. With advancements of technology you can now race people from all over the world on platforms such as ZWIFT - and you can even set up virtual group sessions with team mates, particularly useful if you're spread out geographically.

Turbo Trainer Guide 


For me, the worst thing about winter riding is getting ready for it. Base layers, long tights, long tops, jacket, buff, gloves, lights..........sometimes it can take me a good 30 minutes to make sure everything is set and ready. Compare that to throwing a set of shorts on and getting in the garage and there is no question that training indoor actually saves you time. When family time is precious, and with Christmas looming, this is especially useful!

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In this case, how do you go about choosing the right smart trainer? With so many different offerings on the market, it can be difficult to know where to turn. TACX has been dealing in turbo trainers for a good number of years, and are generally the go to brand for indoor training. Their top spec model, the NEO is a beautifully crafted, solid smart trainer that could launch you in the atmosphere if you wanted. However with even the best deals edging £1000 you might be putting your wallet back into your pocket. The TACX flux however offers an amazing package, at a less eye watering price.

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£699 (£629.99 via Rutland Cycling) is enough to buy you one of the best quality smart trainers currently on the market. With ANT+ and bluetooth connectivity, speed, cadence, and power, there isn't much more you could ask for.

When I first set the trainer up, it connected instantly to my Garmin watch, and it only took a few minutes to connect to my tablet via ZWIFT. Opening the box, to actually training took less than 20 mins, and every future session literally takes a handful of minutes to set up. its quiet (5 month old baby next to the turbo, kind of quiet) and can be quickly packed away if I need some garage space.

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As you can see, in comparison to a running machine, it takes up virtually no space at all. Having the convenience of being able to jump on and off the bike onto the running machine means an even great scope for indoor workouts.

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So then, if you're serious about winter training, your summer goals and generally 'avoiding winter' then the TACX flux is a proper contender!

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Tacx Flux Smart Cycling Turbo Trainer

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Tacx have combined Smart technology with a direct drive trainer, making it the ultimate indoor training experience. The Flux is a capable and intuitive device with its own distinctive silhouette.

  • Software Tacx apps & Third party apps. PC software via upgrade.
  • Operation Automatic
  • Resistance unit Direct drive
  • Realistic slope 10% 1
  • Descent simulation- No
  • Max brake power (10 sec.) 1500 Watt
  • Mass inertia 22.8 kg

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