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Words by Aaron Scott

on 09/09/2013 07:03:00

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Cycle touring enthusiast and Guest blogger, Frank Burns recently bought a pair of Altura ProGEL stretch shorts from our Grafham store to replace the shorts that he had cycled End-to-End of New Zealand wearing.

In this post, Frank tells us a little about these sub £40 shorts and how he cannot find any fault with them.

Altura ProGEL Stretch Shorts

Altura ProGEL Stretch Shorts product review

I like to have a pair of black shorts in my 'cycling wardrobe', and after some gruelling punishment on my tour down-under, my existing black shorts badly needed replacing. I am a dedicated fan of lycra. It is comfortable to wear, it stretches with your every movement on the bike, the shorts have padded inserts, and lycra is easy to hand-wash on a long tour, drying sufficiently overnight to be donned again the next morning if necessary. At a 'stretch' (apologies for the pun), you could get away with just one change for the bike.....but that's a personal choice.

To replace my outgoing shorts, I purchased a pair of (non-bib) Altura ProGEL Stretch Shorts, and have worn them for several rides, two of which were day rides, each in excess of 100 miles.

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Are the Altura ProGEL stretch shorts for me?

Unless you have a thing about wearing lycra (and some do), you will find these shorts will be excellent for both on-road and off-road cycling. I like the slightly longer-than-average leg length, which reaches to just above the knee, and silicon grippers are firm without being uncomfortable. The thing I like most about these shorts is the comfort of the padded insert.

The ProGEL pad insert provides exceptional comfort when in the saddle

The ProGEL pad insert provides exceptional comfort when in the saddle

As a fan of cycle touring, I spend long hours in the saddle, so long-term comfort is very important to me. And if you are concerned about getting chilled in the small of your back (which can even happen on mild windy days), these shorts sit high at the back, providing a high degree of protection.

Their good points

These are 8 panelled shorts, so the contouring is good. The lycra is stretchy and comfortable, and the gel insert makes even the hardest saddle bearable.

Any downsides?

I simply can't think of any downsides to these shorts...


The Altura ProGEL stretch shorts are moderately priced at just under £40, a very reasonable investment for long-term comfort in the saddle.

Whether you're looking for a set of cycling shorts for commuting, touring or general weekend riding; the ProGEL shorts offer exceptional value for money and unrivalled comfort for sub £40.

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