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Words by Aaron Scott

on 29/08/2013 19:27:00

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????? 5/5

The Exposure Strada is a serious light for road riding

Guest blogger Teresa is no stranger to cycling through the winter months when visibility is far from ideal and owns a large array of bike lights for all manner of weather conditions. We sent Teresa the Exposure Strada Mk4 light to test. Read on for Teresa's verdict of the road specific light from leading bike light manufacturer U.S.E...

Exposure Strada MK4 Review

Most regular cyclists over the years will accumulate several boxes full of what I call miscellaneous bike bits (MBB). In my box of MBB, I have everything from bike tools I've only ever used once, old tools so over used they've fallen to pieces, old bike chains (why? Good question), plus all your bulk buys of inner tubes, spare tyres, random mudguards and so on.

I have no idea, how many sets of bike lights are in there. Everything from little Knog lights, to intermediate battery lights to something more powerful. A light for every situation, season, time of day and types of weather.  In fact, I might be the Imelda Marcos of bike lights.

To be sent the Exposure Strada MK4 to test and review was actually quite exciting.  My current light set up (I sound so pro) is an Exposure Flash Mk2 Front Light and an Exposure Flare Mk2 Rear Light.  Both I love and are so bright I've had men in vans point and stare at my rear bike light.

The Exposure Strada MK4 is supposedly designed specifically for road cycling, and boasts an amazing 800 lumens, significantly stronger and bigger than what I've been using for my London cycling commute.

The Exposure Strada Mk4 offers an output of 800 lumens

I charged it up at work over a couple of hours and then decided to see what it could do.  Problem. I couldn't switch it off again.  It then stayed on for an amazing whole 5 days.  That's some battery power.

Once I'd managed to switch it off, recharge again, it was ready to see some more action and worked perfectly!

The light has 11 predefined mode settings with a very clear display setting on the rear of the light which gives you a choice about how bright you want the light to be and what rhythm sequence you want.  This rear display is also your battery meter - you can see exactly when it needs charging.

I tested it over a few days on my commute around London and on a late weekend ride.

Within the city, this light brightened up the road like a little small car head lamp - in fact it may be a bit too much for city riding, but frankly there is no way cars would not be able to see you if you have this light on the front!

However in the country lanes, this light is the business.  It is here you can see exactly how far this light beams.  The light's 800 lumens work like a big floodlight and really brightened up the road in front of me for a good hundred metres or so.  This is where the light came into its own - making me very visible on the dark country roads (as well as scaring any deer out of the way and making pot holes and gravel visible to me).

I tested this light mounted on my handlebars as this is where I like my lights to be mounted, but there is also a joy stick mount so you can attach it to your helmet.

So, I think the light may be a bit too big and mean for city riding, but is perfect for those who may do some of their commute in the country and for night riding in poorly lit areas.

Verdict: ????? 5/5

  • Amazing, powerful light that is easy to attach to the handlebar as well as helmet.
  • The Strada has a great battery life and a really handy battery level indicator on the rear of light to ensure you don't get left out in the cold.
  • Easy to use straight from the packaging
  • Despite being a light aimed at Road Cyclists, it'd be more than capable of handling off-road cycling especially with the helmet mount that comes supplied.
  • A number of handy accessories are available from Exposure such as an in-car charger, Remote switch and a USB Boost Cable.
  • A 2 year warranty is available with all Exposure lights. Once purchased, you must register your light here.

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