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Words by Aaron Scott

on 29/08/2013 19:33:00

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????? 5/5

I love cycling. But I absolutely detest cleaning my bike. If, like me, you struggle to find the motivation when cleaning and maintaining your bike, then buy this product. The Muc-Off Race Kit, which is made up of a bottle of Muc-Off bike cleaner, some Muc-off bike spray, an expanding microcell sponge and a Muc-Off detailing brush, is ideal for those of us who love a clean bike with minimal fuss!

Frankly, if hand car-washes had a bike cleaning service, I'd be there in a heartbeat, dropping my beloved off and going for a coffee whilst it had a wash and dry. This is due in no small part to living in a London flat. With no external tap to put a water hose to, I have to go through a rather laborious process of using garden pressure sprayer - water in, lid screwed on, 30 pumps and voil�, you have a spray of water (enough to rinse the bike).

So when I was sent a Muc-Off Race Kit to test, it had the tall task of making my life easier, whilst getting my bike, who today I called Bertie, clean. Now today, Bertie was definitely Dirty Bertie. There was a few weeks of dirty London commuting and weekend rides to clean off.

On my return from my ride today, I set about the bike cleaning task. I have a bike stand but couldn't be bothered carrying it down from my flat, so the bike was treated to my usual 'prop it up against the wall' method of bike cleaning.

The Muc-Off Race Kit - what's in it?

The Muc-Off Race Kit is made up of a bottle of bike cleaner, some bike spray, a sponge and a detailing brush.

How does it work?

The idea is you rinse your bike with water, spray some bike cleaner on (using brush/sponge to scrub any stubborn bits), leave 5 minutes, rinse off and then use the bike spray to disperse any remaining moisture.

As Bertie was so dirty, I did have to use an extra big soft brush to gently remove the excess mud and dirt whilst rinsing the bike in the first stage before covering the bike in the Muc-off bike cleaner. As you'll see from the photos, Bertie needed this extra bit of care.

So did it get the, er, muck off?

I can honestly say the Muc-Off Race Kit it works a treat. Bertie had a makeover and became sparkly clean and the bike cleaner even got most of the dirt off Bertie's filthy chain. The little brush that comes supplied with the race kit does let you get the trickier to reach areas of the bike really clean. The bike spray does an excellent job of dispersing any residual moisture...which is excellent as it meant that I wasn't faffing around outside my block of flats for too long waiting for my bike to dry, before bringing bike and cleaning tools back inside and going about re-lubricating the chain and so on.

The only slight criticism I have of the product is that if you store your bike in your house (as I do, it's hung up on a wall hook just inside the front door), the bike spray does have quite a strong smell. So don't overdo it if your bike then needs to come back indoors with you.

Verdict: ????? 5/5

Leaves your bike gorgeous and shiny, because it's worth it.

If, like me, you find the mere thought of cleaning your bike demoralising, buy this product as it will get your bike really clean and sparkly with minimal fuss and in not much time at all.

  • Easy to use
  • Minimal need for tools
  • Really cleans the grease and grit off
  • Gives the bike an out of shop shine

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