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Words by Aaron Scott

on 29/08/2013 19:24:00

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The Scott Foil 40: How does it ride?

On a sunny Saturday morning in early Spring, I had the chance to take out a Scott Foil 40 Aero Road bike. This was the first Scott Foil I have ridden, so I set out with much enthusiasm of how it would ride.

Within a couple of miles I hit the first big climb of the day, and out of the saddle the Foil was very stiff and compliant, accelerating very well. While in the saddle the stiffness was very notable, if not a little harsh. On the descent it was very well planted and into a couple of hairpins it seemed to be glued to the road.

Once I got onto the quiet back roads the stiffness and harshness of the frame started to show through.

The kit

This bike is certainly made to go fast and the Shimano 105 groupset is a good starting point, keeping the price down but still getting the quality Scott Carbon Frame and forks. Having internal routed cables I expected it to rattle as I have experienced with other internal frames, but not a squeak - in fact, it was an almost eerily silent ride on the smooth roads heading out into Northamptonshire.

With Scott's acquisition of the Syncros components brand, the Foil range offers a high level of finishing kit. So for each model you get a good quality set of handlebars, stem and saddle. On the higher-end models Syncros wheels are appearing, which would be a better offering than the Shimano R500 that comes as standard on the Foil 40.

Who is it for?

This is certainly not a long distance bike but a fast criterium racing bike, to be enjoyed and savoured for short, fast stints. For the sportive rider, I would opt for a Scott CR1 Elite or Scott CR1 Pro, which offers a similar level of equipment but produces a more forgiving ride. For the local club Time Trialist, Triathlete or Duathlete then the Scott Foil 40 is the bike to go for. Put some Tri bars on it and some faster, more aero wheels and without it costing you crazy money, you will have a very fast aero bike for those short fast races.

The Scott Foil 40 is perfect for short, fast races.

The bottom line

The Scott Foil 40 is a very fast, compliant bike with good components for the money. It's perfect for short rides and races and a winning option for the Time Trial / Triathlon scene.

Scott Carbon Story

Scott were one of the first manufacturers to use Carbon Fibre extensively in their bicycle frames.
The below video highlights the amount of technology that goes into each and every Scott Carbon Fibre frame.

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