Testing...the Exposure Diablo Mk 4 bike light (2013 model) | Product review

Words by Aaron Scott

on 29/08/2013 19:20:00

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???? 4/5

The new Exposure Diablo Mk4 is a great little light for all purposes. Light and bright (1100 lumens from only 108g), with a USB charger, helmet and bike fittings, 8 modes - it ticks all the boxes. Local triathlete Kerry Rough put it through its paces during her recent trip to the World Triathlon Championships in Auckland.

"One word to describe the Exposure Diablo Mk 4..... awesome! What a light. This is definitely a light that will set you up for your winter riding. Despite a bit of fiddling to adjust the helmet fitting and deciding whether I wanted to use the light on my helmet or my handlebars, it was clear that this was a bit different from other lights that I have used in the past.

Firstly, I had never had the experience of a riding with a helmet light and secondly, the variety of flashing settings was really quite novel to me. You also presume that it will be heavy, but it is quite the opposite with a lightweight clip and handy curves to grip it whilst you are holding and fitting the light. It is great for people who commute to work - you can fit the light snugly to your bars or helmet (with a rear light for safety and legal reasons!) and away you go. With a great USB charger, you can charge this light whilst working at the office ready for your trip back home. Also with an AC charger this is obviously a great all rounder - if you remember to charge it up that is!

The Exposure Diablo comes with 8 different modes, although I found trying to find the right ones a little tricky at times. Coming with a smart lanyard also adds to the various ways of carrying it. If you end up needing a light once off the bike - like I did when setting up my bike for a triathlon in the dark - this lanyard ensures that it won't get lost!

All in all, a great little light for all purposes - I rate this 4/5."

Kerry Rough is a guest blogger for LoveCycling. She has recently competed in the World Triathlon Championships in New Zealand. Find out more about Kerry here.