Testing...the Mio Cyclo 305E HC GPS Navigation Unit - product review - 3/5

Words by Aaron Scott

on 29/08/2013 19:19:00

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??? 3/5

Staff rider Bryan tests this new entrant to the GPS market and finds it a rugged, easy-to-use option that's best suited to road cycling.

Me and Mio Cyclo - at the summit of the Pico Veleta in Andalucia, Spain - 8963ft!

I bought my Mio Cyclo 305E HC a month or so ago to help me get as many miles in as possible in preparation for my holiday to Sierra Nevada in Spain. My first impressions of the Mio when getting it out the box and turning it on were how simple it is to use compared to other GPS units. The touch screen is large, bright and works even with full finger gloves on.

The dashboard layout can be changed easily via the settings function, each screen is very clear and easy to read even in low light conditions.

Halfway down the Pico Veleta.

The Mio would suit a road cyclist more than a keen mountain biker as the mapping software is biased towards road use. The Mio has some great features, the best being the �Surprise Me� function. You simply hit the �Surprise Me� button on the dashboard and then you can choose from either a specific amount of time or distance to ride. The Mio will then randomly select three different routes for you to choose from. The three routes are all road based - this is why I would recommend the Mio to road users rather than mountain bikers.

Once you have been out for a ride, you can then upload your workout to �Mio Share� where you can view the route you have taken, including data such as altitude, speed, heart rate, cadence, calories, etc... You can also share your routes with the rest of the world. Have a look at the screen shot below, showing my 40km descent off the Veleta Pass!!

Share your and others' rides on the Mio Share website

You can also upload tracks from �Mio Share� from around the world simply by searching by postcode or town name. The tracks that you download are from other users so as more people join the Mio world more routes will become available. Just searching Peterborough brings up 67 different routes varying from 7km up to 294km.

The other great function of the Mio is its ability to be used as a car sat nav, meaning you no longer have to carry two units around with you. The Mio has full postcode search plus a great points of interest (POI) function. It even shows local bike shops so if you have a mechanical you can see where best to go!

The Mio also has a workout function available straight off the dashboard; you can either choose distance, time or calories burnt. You can set up multiple profiles on the unit so you can swap the Mio between bikes and users quickly and easily.

The Mio is very easy to use and set up straight from the box with some great road based functions all wrapped up in a stylish white rugged waterproof body.

I have given the Mio a 3/5 rating as a mountain biker - if I was more of a roadie, I would give the Mio a 4/5.