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Words by Harry Archer

on 05/12/2017 13:33:16

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The pinnacle of the folding bike industry, London based Brompton certainly know a thing or two about designing bikes. The bike of choice for commuters and urban explorers worldwide, Brompton have a fantastic reputation for building quality bikes that are meticulously designed in order to be as comfortable and efficient as possible.

The Brompton Bike Builder allows you to take this bespoke service one step further. It is now possible to customize almost every aspect of your new Brompton to your exact specifications, enabling you to choose everything from the paint colour to the components fitted. But how do you know what to go for? Easy - Just follow the helpful guide below! Or visit one of our dedicated Brompton outlets, Found at our Barnwell Road, Grand ArcadeCambridge Station and Peterborough stores.

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1. Choose Your Frame

There are two choices when it comes to selecting the material you wish to use for your frame:

  • Super-Light-- If you know that you'll be carrying your Brompton a lot, go for this upgrade. Saving up to 1kg of weight via the use of a high-strength titanium alloy for the front fork, rear triangle, mudguard stays and headset. This frame option does not come with a pump - something to bare in mind if your route takes you over puncture-inducing terrain.
  • Steel - The standard frame is made entirely out of steel. Using a steel frame is particularly useful on a bike such as a Brompton due to the extra rigidity it gives you at the vital link between the handlebar and the pedals. This extra rigidity ensures excellent handling, which is absolutely key to the performance of a folding bike.

2. Handlebars


How you choose to position your handlebars will greatly impact your riding position. There are handlebars that specifically cater for the sporty rider, the tall rider and the Cruisers amongst us. For your Brompton, there are four options for you to choose from:

  • S-Type (Weight 10.35kg, Grip height 935mm) - Low and straight, these handlebars offer reactive and lightweight handling combined with a sporty ride position, ideal for those for whom speed is paramount. There isn't much room for front luggage with this choice, so if you require the ability to carry your shopping, laptop or Chihuahua then it may be worth getting an M-type
  • M-Type (Weight 10.34kg, Height 105mm)- The original Brompton look and, as you'd expect, the perfect all-rounder. The M-type offers lots of room for front luggage, with a comfortable,upright riding position that is perfect for laidback weekend riders cruising through the park.
  • P-Type (Weight 10.60kg, Height 1033mm/880mm) - For the cycle tourers and long distance commuters, This handlebar option offers a variable height that can be changed between an aerodynamic (880mm) riding position and a more upright position (1033mm) that is more suitable for traffic and busier areas. Although the front end is made slightly heavier by selecting this option, the extra versatility it gives your Brompton is well worth the extra grams!
  • H-Type (Weight 10.44kg, Height 1072mm) - Essentially a more upright version of the M-Type, the H-Type handlebar is for unhurried riders that are seeking a very un-aggressive ride position ensuring you can ride all day relaxed and in copious amounts of comfort.

3. Mudguards

  • Version E - No Mudguards,rack or pump. This option is light and the cheapest version of mudguard set-up. Visually it looks very sleek and pretty but the bike will be less stable when folded and without mudguards you aren't protected from dirt and water on the road. It's very hard to look cool with a line of mud up the back of your favourite jacket.
  • Version L (Weight 0.37kg) - Get yourself some mudguards and a pump with the Version L. This Brompton doesn't come with a rack but will still offer protection from the elements and the feeling of security a personal pump gives you in case you get a flat on your journey.
  • Version R (Weight 0.77kg) - Equipped with the holy trinity of a rack,pump and mudguard the Version R is the set-up of choice for those needing to transport a larger amount of cargo to their destinations. The aluminium rack can easily carry loads of 10kg.

4. Gears

  • 1 Speed - Light and simple, a 1-speed Brompton is a bike for the purists. The choice to go for if you are travelling short distances that are relatively flat.
  • 2-Speed (Weight 0.19kg) - Utilising Brompton's unique derailleur system, the 2-Speed option offers more flexibility than the 1-Speed. One gear for hills, one gear for cruising. simples.
  • 3-Speed (Weight 0.74kg) - The best choice if your new Brompton is to be your primary bike. Designed for the 'everyday' cyclist, The 3-speed BSR is an updated version of the classic Sturmey Archer 3-Speed hub. Easy to use and fully enclosed for durability, this set-up is great for commuters.
  • 6-Speed (Weight 0.92kg) - Combining the efficient BWR(Brompton Wide Range) hub with a custom-designed designed derailleur system, the 6-speed gear set-up will ensure that your Brompton will climb hills with ease. The correct set-up for tourers and long distance commuters in hilly areas.
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5. Gear Ratios

  • Standard 6-Speed ratio - The traditional Brompton set-up offers fantastic 'all-rounder' capabilities that will be sufficient for most terrains and will perform to the high standard that you would expect from a Brompton folder.
  • 6 speed +8% (Weight 0.03kg) - Raising the gear ratios by 8% from the standard set-up creates a Brompton that can get up to top speed quickly and is an option best utilised in flatter areas where you expect to predominately be riding quite fast.
  • 6 speed -12% (Weight 0.03kg) - Lowering the gear ratios by 12% from the standard set-up allows your Brompton to be more accustomed to low speed,hilly riding conditions. Ideal for riders in rural areas with routes that contain more varying gradients.

6. Suspension

  • Standard - A good suspension system is vital to the success of any small-wheeled bikes. Brompton's standard suspension set-up uses a polyurethane block between the main and rear frames. Smoothing out bumps and avoiding excessive 'bounce' with its inherent dampening, the standard suspension option supplies a lightweight and effective package that is ideal for lighter riders and smooth pedallers.
  • Firm (Weight 0.01kg) - Designed to provide a suitable level of suspension for those over 80kg, aggressive riders and those seeking a more responsive ride in return for sacrificing some comfort. The tech is the same as the standard set-up, it was just been tuned to cater for the requirements of these particular riders.

7. Saddle

brompton brooks
  • Brompton - The standard Brompton saddle is a high-quality unisex saddle that offers comfort and practicality in abundance. A moulded grip under the nose facilitates carrying, and the ingenious Brompton Pentaclip allows stepless adjustment of the saddle angle.
  • Brompton Wide - A wider version of the standard Brompton saddle, this option provides a high-quality unisex saddle that offers comfort and practicality in abundance. A moulded grip under the nose facilitates carrying, and the ingenious Brompton Pentaclip allows stepless adjustment of the saddle angle.
  • Brooks B17 Special Men's (Weight 0.14kg) - Designed by Brooks, a company renowned for their ultra-comfortable saddles that mould to their rider over time, this premium leather saddle is equipped with hand-hammered copper rivets, copper-plated metalwork, and fitted with the Brompton Pentaclip for stepless adjustment.
  • Brooks B17 Special Women's (Weight 0.10kg) - Designed by Brooks specifically for women, a company renowned for their ultra-comfortable saddles that mould to their rider over time, this option is equipped with hand-hammered copper rivets, copper-plated metalwork, and fitted with, yes you've guessed it, the Brompton Pentaclip for stepless adjustment.

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8. Saddle Height/Seatpost

  • Standard - For an inside leg of 33"/84cm and under. The standard seatpost is the shortest and most lightweight option but you will definitely want to go for an extended seatpost if you're inside leg is above 33"/84cm.
  • Extended (Weight 0.10kg) - For an inside leg of 33-35"/84-89cm, the extended seatpost provides 60mm of extra elevation to cater for taller riders. The drawback to this is that the saddle is higher than usual when the bike is folded, making carrying your Brompton slightly more challenging.
  • Telescopic (Weight 0.36kg) - For an inside leg of over 35"/90cm and offering up to 175mm of extra elevation than the standard seatpost, The telescopic set-up is the best option for you if you require extra height and versatility. Unlike the extended seatpost, the telescopic option only projects 20mm above the bike when folded, eliminating the difficulties of transporting a Brompton with a higher saddle height.

9. Lighting

  • Reflectors only - This set-up provides no additional lighting is is suitable to those that only ride during the day in well-lit areas or for those that already have a set of external lights they wish to attach onto their new Brompton post-purchase.
  • brompton light
  • Battery/USB Lighting (Weight 0.16kg) - This option comes with a Cateye Volt 300 USB rechargeable battery at the front and a Brompton self designed rear lamp powered by two AAA batteries. Providing a strong enough Lumen output to ensure that you will be highly visible to other road users whilst being able to see the way ahead and ride comfortably in well-lit areas at night.
  • Shimano Hub Dynamo (Weight 0.44kg) - Hub Dynamos are ultra-reliable and eradicate the requirement of remembering your USB cable or spare batteries every time you ride at night. This particular hub has been adapted especially for Brompton by Shimano and features a Busch & M�ller �Lyt B� LED front lamp and a stand-light function at the rear.
  • SON Hub Dynamo (Weight 0.24kg) - The SON Hub is the premium Hub Dynamo available for customised Bromptons. A beautifully engineered, highly efficient set-up that will provide years of reliable service. A powerful Busch & M�ller LED front lamp, featuring an automatic light-sensing function, and a stand-light function at the front as well as the rear, complete the premium package.
Check Out our Light Buying guide for more advice on selecting the right bike lights for you.

10. Tyres

  • Schwalbe Marathon Racer - Replacing the Brompton Kevlar as the new standard tyres for Brompton bikes, the Schwalbe Marathon Racer offers provides good grip and balance.
  • Schwalbe Kojak (Weight -0.21kg) - The fastest tyre ever fitted onto a Brompton, the Schwalbe Kojak is light and puncture resistant, with a RaceGuard trip and Kevlar beads enabling easy folding for when you need to carry a spare tyre with you. Furthermore, the Kojak has reflective sidewalls that give the rider extra visibility on the road, therefore making them safer when riding at night or in poor visibility.
  • brompton kojaks
  • Schwalbe Marathon (Weight 0.16kg) - The heavy duty tyre for Brompton riders who have adventures over long distance or along rougher terrain. The Schwalbe Marathon tyres are heavier and noticeably slower than the other two options but offer excellent puncture resistance and grip.


1. Saddle Bag

  • Saddle bag and cover (Weight 0.29kg) - The Brompton zip-up cover can be your best friend when taking your bike onto public transport or into the office. The Cover isd quick to fit and very user-friendly and is stored in the saddle bag for ease of access.

Transporting Bike-Bag


  • Bike Bag - This Nylon bike bag is supplied with 5mm of padding, a reinforced base, integral castors, extra pockets and both shoulder and handle straps. These features combine to make a strong and stylish bike bag that packs flat for storage and is a fantastic upgrade for riders wishing to transport their new Brompton over long distances.

2. Rear Luggage

  • Rack Sack - Only available to those that choose to have a rear rack fitted, the rear Rack Sack provides additional storage that is ideal for cycle tourers and long distance commuters. It does have to be removed before 'parking' or folding the bike so its important to bare that in mind before you select this option. Purposely designed for the Brompton rear rack, offering a very secure, shower-proof solution with a Capacity 16 litres and shoulder strap for off-the-bike carrying

3.Front Luggage

All Brompton front luggage options are based on their unique front carrier system that uses a specially designed frame to latches luggage securely onto a tapered block. Taking only a second to take off or put on your luggage, the load is attached directly to the frame to ensure steering is not effected. Perfectly integrated into the folded package with no projection, the block also comes with a sprung clip to keep your luggage safe and secure. This luggage type is the most popular option for the majority of Brompton riders and is definitely worth investing in for the extra space you will have for your snacks and spares when you're out on a ride.


There are six options for your individual front luggage requirements:

  • No front carrier block or bag
  • Front Carrier block only (no bag provided)
  • Front Carrier block and Tote bag (Black)
  • Front Carrier block and Tote bag (Cherry)
  • Front Carrier block and Tote bag (Grey)
  • Front Carrier block and Tote bag (Turkish Green)


brompton frames

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1. Main Frame Colour

Black Grey Ivory Turkish Green
Racing Green Tempest Blue Lagoon Blue Berry Crush
Red Lime Green Stardust Black Raw Lacquer

2. Extremities Colour (Forks/Rear Triangle)

Black Grey Ivory Turkish Green
Racing Green Tempest Blue Lagoon Blue Berry Crush
Red Lime Green Stardust Black Raw Lacquer

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So there it is, a comprehensive guide to designing your own Brompton. Come and visit us at our Brompton dedicated stores which can be found by following the links below:

You can also order your new Brompton online to collect in any of our stores. Deliveries take between 6-8 days for a fully customized Brompton bike.

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