Top 8 Essential MTB Upgrades | Level up your ride

Words by Will Crump

on 09/02/2021 11:30:00


Perfect Mountain Bike upgrades to max out your ride!

New Parts day is always an exciting time for any cycling enthusiast so why not go all out and spoil your beloved Mountain Bike with top of the range componentry that will transform not only how it looks but also how it performs! Even the smallest of upgrades can quite literally regenerate the feeling of the whole bike, no matter how big or small the component is.

Additionally, it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg to customise your Mountain Bike to make it unique to you! Something as simple and as cost efficient as just swapping your grips could make all the difference in how your bike looks aesthetically and how it feels to ride. Every upgrade, as small as it may be, can enhance your MTB experience completely.

Are you struggling to figure out what to upgrade? Let's go through our options of components that will pimp your ride into a standout bike at the trails!



Nothing beats the feeling of having new found grip under the soles of your shoes especially after a winter of thrashing the trails. A change of pedals can completely change the aesthetics of your bike - depending on if you go a bit wild and pick a bold colour. As well as this, a new set of pedals will offer you that new bike feeling from your feet giving you the confidence to absolutely send it next time you're out.

A good set of plastic pedals, such as the DMR V6 pedals, boast astonishing grip alongside a sleek design - all at an affordable price - which makes them a worthy upgrade. If you are a full time sender, considering swapping your worn out pedals for some new alloy pedals which include adjustable grip pins allowing you to dictate how much grip you want and which part of the pedal you want it from.

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Whilst we are on the subject of increased grip increase your bikes contact patch with the floor by investing in some new tyres. MTB Tyres that come as standard on your bike may look like they have plenty of life left in them however, most of these tyres are built on a budget and therefore use a cheaper compound of rubber that gives you decreased traction.

How will a new pair of tyres modify my ride? Constructed from a softer compound of rubber, strong carcass and strengthened beading, your new tyre will be much more grippy on loose surfaces turning your MTB in the ultimate trail tackling bike. Having a stronger carcass can significantly reduce the amount of punctures you pick up on the trails meaning you can spend more time riding.

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Tubeless Conversion


Speaking of punctures, ditch the inner tubes and convert to a tubeless setup using an easy starter kit that includes: valves, rim tape and sealant. With a tubeless setup, you never have to worry about punctures ruining your ride again - simply just keep riding whilst your tyres repair themselves from any thorns. Additionally, you will also be able to run your tyres at a lower PSI which will massively increase your grip on loose and wet surfaces which really makes going tubeless a no brainer!



Enjoy a more comfortable experience by investing in a new set of grips for the upcoming season of weather ahead whether that be the winter or summer season. Colour match your grips to the accent colours of your bike to really make your bike stand out within a crowd.

Have you been suffering with pain in parts of your hand, wrists and fingers on previous rides? Perhaps investing in some ergonomically designed grips that will put your hands in a less strenuous position meaning you can shred for longer, pain free!

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Matchy Matchy - Instagramify your bike


Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a Mountain Bike dripping in perfectly colour matched componentry... like the dream bikes you see on Instagram. You can easily achieve this if you know the perfect parts to upgrade! As stated previously in the blog, colour matched grips always work as an affordable yet effective treat when it comes to making your shine.

Take it a step further and swap out items such as your stem, headset, valves, cranks and even hubs and replace them with the accent colour of your bike to really complete the look. This is a guaranteed way to recieve likes on Instagram and make your bike the ultimate MTB dream.

Bigger brakes


Have you found yourself wishing you had more stopping power during the winter riding months when it is a lot wetter? It might be worth considering upgrading your brakes to a larger rotor size as that will increase your stopping power dramatically thanks to a larger surface area.

Thankfully this upgrade is actually a lot easier than it first sounds as all you need is a larger rotor and a Brake caliper mount adapter that you bolt onto your frame. The adapter will allow the caliper to sit further up which ensures that there is enough room for your larger rotor. If you find yourself in need of more performance then it might be worth considering upgrading your whole system to give you the ultimate braking performance.

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A Bike Service


Nothing can quite match the feeling of having a bike that runs efficiently as soon as you get on and start to cycle away. If you haven't serviced your bike over the winter season then use this as your alarm to give your bicycle some TLC. A change of brake pad, new inner gear cables and some maintenance products will have your bike feeling like new once again!

If you are struggling to service your bike at home then feel free to book your bike into one of our stores where we have fully trained bike mechanics that can offer a full range of services to ensure your bike is running smoothly and efficiently.

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