The Rockblok | A New Route For Climb Club

Words by Aaron Scott

on 09/09/2013 06:35:00

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A new route had been set, I had seen my dad climb it with ease, he had set it especially for the Rockblok climbing club that runs every Saturday and Sunday morning, but I thought no child my age would be able to get off the ground.

New holds for route setting

I walked over to the new route and tried to lift my foot up to the small foot hold but I couldn't, one I didn't feel safe and two I had big bulky trainers on not good for climbing trickier routes that slipped off the holds. But now I was determined, I was going to be the first child to complete the new route. I would need my harness and some climbing shoes so I went and put them on. While I had been getting kitted up my mum had also tried to climb the new route but had only got half way and came down, I do have to say she didn't have the best shoes on and had try to climb the route in her approach shoes (posh name for a cross between a trainer and walking boot). But now it was my turn, with the help from my dad I got off the ground and to an awkward hold to grip, a small finger pocket, this was not easy as it was cold but I was determined, after a couple of try's and more support from my parents I was past that part and on upwards. My next weak point was well not easy in fact it was very hard I nearly came down it was one of those moves were you had to give it a few goes till you got the hang of it, on about my third try my hand reached the best hold ever, I nearly lost it but hung on with all my might and made it, I had actually made it to the top. When I came down I was shaking with happiness, most of the time when I climbed I would get a bit disappointed if I fell off and would ask to come down but this time It was different.

Its all back and white - F5

I have made a promise to myself that I will keep practising the climb known as its all black and white, like they say practise makes perfect.
Posted by Molly age 11