Top 10 Mountain Biker Ideas Chosen by Staff Rider Alex

Words by Mark

on 11/12/2013 09:00:00

Alex's Christmas Gift Ideas

Alex has a constantly changing stable of bikes and they are all usually built for two things. Going downhill fast and racking up air miles. Alex can often be found competing in enduro races and shredding his local trails while grinning like a Cheshire cat. When not getting the back end out on a jam line, Alex manages our fantastic selection of bikes and oversees our exceptional hire fleet.

Exposure Joystick

1. Exposure Joystick

I find the exposure Joystick a brilliant light that packs some considerable punch for its small size. I wear mine on the helmet mount doubled with a Maxx-D on the handle bars for full night time visibility.

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Five Ten Freerider Element VXI Shoes

2. Five Ten Freerider Element VXI Shoes

If overshoes aren't your thing or you don't ride with cleats then take a look at these. The Freerider Element VXI comprise the legendary Five Ten grip with DWR weatherproof treating. The water beads and rolls straight off making them perfect for this time of year.

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MET Kaos UL Helmet

3. MET Kaos UL Helmet

The Met Kaos is my enduro helmet of choice. Light and vented enough for the climbs and sturdy enough with a decent amount of coverage at the back of the head should anything go wrong on the descents.

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Vavert Carbon Bar Ends

4. Vavert Carbon Bar Ends

On my cross country rig I fitted a set of these carbon bar ends. They're nice and lightweight and give a good position whilst I'm climbing and thinking how much I'd like to be on my downhill bike.

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Muc-Off 8-in-1 Bike Cleaning Kit

5. Muc-Off 8-in-1 Bike Cleaning Kit

I predominantly ride off road, meaning my bikes are prone to coming back a lovely shade of dirt. I know that if I take great care of my steeds, they'll take care of me. That's why I use Muc-Off's 8-in-1 cleaning kit to ensure my bike is in top working order.

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Giro Skyline Helmet

6. Giro Skyline Helmet

These are fantastic helmets for any new cyclist but the removable visor lends itself to cross country riding brilliantly. Lightweight and with great ventilation for the money.

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Endura MT500 Overshoes

Endura MT500 Overshoes

When I moved down from up north, southerners were wearing things called 'Overshoes' to stop their feet getting cold. These, I'm told, are the best with reinforced toe cap and a hard wearing Kevlar base.

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Specialized S.W.A.T Top Cap Chain Tool

8. Specialized S.W.A.T Top Cap Chain Tool

This is a natty little chain breaking device that hides itself in your fork steer tube (1�-1�1/8). Perfect for easing that awful moment on a climb when your legs start spinning.

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Camelbak Mule

9. Camelbak Mule

Hydration packs are essential when on the trail, even in winter. Not just to keep a thirst away but for carrying other essentials. I use mine to carry bread & dripping and black pudding for a nutritious snack whilst ridding.

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GoPro Hero 3+

10. GoPro Hero 3+

If there is one thing I am hoping to find in my stocking on Christmas morning it's one of these. The last triple back flip I pulled was wasted with nobody to see it and if I had one of these I could relive the magic again and again.

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