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Words by Aaron Scott

on 29/08/2013 19:50:00

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In this post, staff rider Kerry and Mary of Inspire2Tri talk about running technique and how you can get a bit quicker off the mark in your next triathlon.

In all triathlons I have taken part in, I find that running off the bike presents quite a few issues for me, with wobbly legs that can feel like lead. I often wonder 'what's the best way to get off the bike and running after a hard ride?'  We could spend hours going through the numerous methods and techniques to assist your running in general, but in this post we will pin-point one area that should help you run more efficiently off the bike and even get that extra bit of speed for a fast finish.

Running exercises

Start off by jogging on the spot; now speed up your feet but not your hands, difficult isn't it?  Now try it the other way around, again jogging on the spot speed up your hands but not your feet, without practice it's very difficult. Let's try something much simpler. Stand up straight, relax your arms, start jogging on the spot but in sets of three, so left, right, left in quick succession. Jog just three steps on the spot, hands and feet moving at the same pace. After 5-10 sets of this we are ready for the next step. Ensure there is a little space around you, about 10-15feet should be fine, now making small steps and gaining very little forward momentum you should jog briskly. If you have a speed ladder then you can use it to practice this technique. After you have a done 5-10 runs, speed it up a little and then repeat getting faster each time. Spend the time to do this at your training session and you will be off to those quick starts and dismounts in no time at all.


  • Relax
  • Look ahead, not at your feet
  • Breathe in a controlled manner

How will these drills help?

The running technique drills outlined in this post will:
  • Increase your cadence or footfall and is a very good way to get off to a flying start when you dismount the cycle section of your next triathlon.
  • Faster feet will make you a faster runner
  • Improve balance
Why not challenge your friends with different fast feet moves.

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