Frog Bikes Review and Ride Test - by the Scarlett Family.

Words by Mark

on 02/05/2014 16:39:12

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Hear what the Scarlett Family (Georgia, Anabelle, Max, Tina and Andrew) thought about their recent visit to Rutland Cycling, where we introduced to them Frog's amazing range of kids' bikes. At Rutland Cycling, you can browse the full range of Frog Bikes and Frog Team Sky bikes, and you can also hire a Frog bike from Rutland Cycling, at any of our hire locations.

Try Out The Best Children's Bikes Around. Frog Bikes.

Kids love bikes. It's a certified fact. The common held belief is that kid's love bikes because it represents the first taste of freedom, the first glimpse of what it's like to meet the big world without their hand being held.


Kids love bikes because they go fast. Faster than they have ever crawled, walked or run and that is amazing.

Remember shouting out 'Dad, are you still holding on?' and the complete lie of 'Yeah, I've got you' as he sent you pedalling across the grass on your own. His next words would have been 'Wait, stop, slow down' as you realised that speed was your friend.


�HAHA. See ya later old man�

What kids don't love are heavy bikes. A lot of manufacturers design bikes with the view that boys' and girls' bikes need to be the most durable, toughest object on the planet. This often sees them made from heavy frames with heavy wheels. The strength required to turn a bike like this on the spot and manoeuvre is too much for little ones and cheap gear shifters are impossible for small hands to move. If your child owns a bike like this, then the chances are that they don't ride it as much as you would like them too.

Enter Frog Bikes.


if your children aren't pulling this face on a bike, there's something wrong.

Frog bikes are a small British company which was started after founders Jerry and Shelley got tired of watching their own and their friend's children struggling to pedal hunks of metal on family bike rides. If the children weren't enjoying it then family cycling trips were not being all they were cracked up to be. The result was the pair completely redesigning children's bikes from the ground up to make them lighter more manoeuvrable, and above all faster.

Hire a Frog Bike from Rutland for a safe, traffic-free pedal.

At Rutland Cycling we've been so impressed with Frog bikes that this year we have made them the Children's bike of choice for our hire fleets at our Whitwell, Grafham and Fineshade shops. Our Whitwell and Grafham (an hour north of London) locations feature miles and miles of traffic free cycling around two of the prettiest ponds in the country making them the ideal place for your tadpoles to try out the best Kids bikes on the market. Our Fineshade location features family cycling around beautiful north Northamptonshire woodland, perfect for tree frogs.


Each location carries a range of the Frog 52, Frog 62, and Frog 73 so you can get the sizing just right and if you find it impossible to separate child from bike at the end of the day, our shops carry the full Frog range along with friendly and helpful advice to ensure that family bike rides are as enjoyable as they should be.

So as the days are getting longer and the sun is getting higher, why not get along to one of three top cycling destinations and sit the kids on a Frog Bike? Just make sure you can keep up with them.

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