#TeamRutland | Using Your Training Time Effectively

Words by Tom Worsfold

on 02/01/2020 17:00:05


Words by #TeamRutland ambassador Josh Wallis.

How To Use Training Time More Effectively

I get asked all the time. How do you find the time to fit in all the training? Truth is, it all comes down to effectively managing your time. I am extremely lucky to have a coach. Adam Ellis at Velo Race Performance is who keeps me on the straight and narrow and I wouldn't be without him. However, you don't necessarily need a coach, you just need to be organized and be honest with yourself about the time you have to ride your bike and what you want to achieve.

When I first started training properly, I found it really useful to write down what days and how many hours on those days you can realistically train for. You must be honest though as it's all to easy to set yourself an un-achievable training week. Consistency is the real key to improvement on the bike. Even if you only have 4 or 5 hours a week, structure it properly and you can make huge improvements.


Don't forget about early mornings! Personally, I prefer to do as much of my training before work as possible. My training load varies between 10 and 15 hours a week at the moment on a 4 week cycle, with weeks 1-3 progressively getting bigger and the 4th being a recovery week. I do all sessions that are 90mins or less at 6:00am in the week before work. This sounds awful, and I won't jazz it up, getting out of bed is horrendous. However, smash out that session before work and you'll feel so much better for the rest of the day and you can enjoy the rest of the day knowing you've already improved yourself.


My top tips for training around a job and with limited time are to make your hard sessions really hard and your steady days very steady. You should be aiming for roughly 2 hard sessions of 45mins/1hr per week and then hopefully a group ride with mates on a Sunday for endurance. Any more than that is a bonus but you must make time for recovery. Recovery is key and I find is done best flicking through the Rutland Cycling website dreaming of your next purchase!


Josh Wallis

Instagram: joshwallis_fjs

I'm 25 and my Dad and I run FJ's Barbers in Spalding. I grew up riding BMX at skate parks, but didn't pick up a road bike until 4 years ago. I'm currently in my 4th season of racing and love Criterium's and XC MTB. I'm keen to race anything though as I also TT, and have been known to get involved in the odd Enduro. I generally love riding bikes with all different people and can't wait to work with my trusted bike shop Rutland Cycles for the year, it's an honour!

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