NEW Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt - First look & unboxing

Words by David Hicks

on 25/05/2021 13:01:12


Aerodynamic design, simple to use and easy to read are just some of the headlines that the new Wahoo Elemnt Bolt boasts. Trusted by the world's athletes, the new Elemnt Bolt is a must have accessory when it comes to training for, and performance on, race day. This cycling GPS Computer comes equipped with all the bells and whistles to ensure that your training feels effortless.

Completed with a new, vibrant 2.2� 64 colour screen, the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt is much easier to read over the previous generation. With a quick glance towards your screen, the colours make it easy for you to distinguish turn-by-turn navigation directions and your training data so you don't have to take your eyes off the prize. Also built into the unit is a set of Quicklook LEDs which provides an extra monitor on either: Power, heart rate, speed, directions and other notifications.


Discipline: All

Usage: Training and GPS

Screen size: 2.2�, 64 Colour display


  • - Turn by turn navigation
  • - Text and Phone notifications
  • - Multisport Handover
  • - Live tracking
  • - Kickr Control

How will Bolt enhance my training?


Equipped with multisport handover capabilities, the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt will effortlessly allow you to focus purely on race day whilst it gets down to calculating and recording your efforts. Multisport handover allows for an efficient swap from swimming to cycling and then cycling to running during a Triathlon. As soon as your Wahoo Elemnt Rival Watch comes into range with your new Bolt the two systems handover your results so far without you even having to press a button!

To help with your training, your planned workouts will automatically sync to your Elemnt Bolt to ensure that you're getting all the data you desire. When the weather outside is poor but you still need to get a session in, the Bolt allows you to upload turbo trainer planned workouts as well so you can never miss a session. Speaking of turbo trainers, the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt effortlessly connects to the Kickr range which will allow you to train in four different modes: Route simulation, ERG, Level or Passive.

When you're feeling competitive out on the roads, Bolt will show you live Strava segments so you can really push for your best and achieve your top tens and KOMs. What's better is that with the live tracking feature, you can also see other Wahoo users out and about (permitting you both have location permissions turned on) if you want someone to ride (or compete) with.

What GPS Navigation features does the new Bolt have?


A lot like the Elemnt Roam, the new Elemnt Bolt features an in-depth and highly accurate GPS tracker which includes turn-by-turn directions. By receiving on screen directions and directional LED arrows, you will find that navigating and exploring has never been so effortless - even when you're in the mountains.

Make use of the �Take me to� feature that creates you a cycling optimised route from your current location to your desired destination. On the other hand, if you need to find your way to the start of your chosen route, it will create it for you. Equally, if you need to get back on track or want to return home then you also have the option and Bolt will figure out the best route home for you!

How easy is it to connect to my phone?


Like all of Wahoo's other GPS devices, the new Elemnt Bolt connects to the Wahoo companion app in a matter of seconds after scanning the on screen QR code with your phone. On the app, you can set your rider details, customise your interface, create routes and efficiently upload your ride statistics. From here (once you have linked the relevant applications) your ride data will automatically be sent to third party apps like Strava so you can start racking up the Kudos.

Furthermore, when connected to the Wahoo companion app, you will be able to receive and view texts, incoming phone calls, Whatsapp messages and e-mails to make sure you never miss something important whilst out on the trails or the road.

How does the new Wahoo Elemnt Bolt look?


Using an aerodynamic design, the Elemnt Bolt is in a class of its own in a sport where every second counts. The BOLT's compact aerodynamic design, along with being packed with all the latest data, riding and navigation features, make it one of the most versatile GPS computers on the market. So whether you are a road cyclist, mountain biker or triathlete, if you are all about performance, the ELEMNT BOLT is the bike computer for you.

NEW: Wahoo Elemnt Bolt GPS Computer


Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt GPS Cycling Computer

With the Elemnt Bolt, Wahoo have taken what cyclists loved about the first Bolt and delivered a design that has been optimised and primed for performance. It's jam packed with incredible new features, even better functionality, and is more durable than anything to have come before it.

  • Turn-By-Turn Navigation
  • Live Tracking
  • Text & Phone Notifications
  • Workout/Training features
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