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Words by David Hicks

on 19/03/2020 08:46:53


Fully customisable, hugely realistic and dripping with high-tech features - the KICKR BIKE is the ultimate indoor training solution, offering a ride quality like no other trainer available. Looking to take your fitness to the next level? The KICKR BIKE is your ticket to get there.

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Building on all the Wahoo have learned with their current turbo trainer range, the KICKR BIKE shares technology with their current turbo offerings and accessories, featuring all the mod-cons you've learned to love and more. With an innovative one-size-fits all approach, the KICKR BIKE can fit any rider and even allows you to take a photograph of your current bike to set the sizing measurements. Want to see this smart bike in action? Check out our first look video below ?

As with any new product there is a lot to talk about, so lets get into it!

Key features:

  • Easily adjustable fit and excellent component customization
  • Programmable virtual shifting to match your gear ratio
  • LED Display
  • Adjustable crank length
  • Grade simulation from +20% to -15%
  • Physical brakes and shifting
  • Easy connectivity
  • The most immersive training experience from Wahoo yet


  • 2200 Watt max power output
  • Belt drive
  • 13lbs Flywheel weight + enhanced motor
  • 42kgs Weight
  • Multiple Bluetooth connection support
  • ANT+ FE-C connectivity
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The Fit: Made for you

Wahoo have made it as simple as possible when it comes to adjusting the KICKR BIKE to your geometry of choice. Using easy, quick release levers, the trainer's saddle height, reach, stack crank length can be quickly adjusted to suit your prefered numbers. But how do you find your perfect settings? Easy - through use of the Wahoo fitness app.


The app is super intuitive and offers three ways to set up your KICKR BIKE. If you have previously used the GURU Fit System, Trek Precision Fit, or Retul Fit, you can input your data to receive your perfect measurements.

We offer Retul fit at a number of our stores, with it being the most sophisticated and high-tech fit on the market, allowing you to get the most out of your ride. Interested in booking your very own bike fit? You can find out more here.


Potentially the most attention grabbing of these options is the apps ability to determine fit from a photo of your bike, using mapping technology to give an accurate set of measurements based on your current rides geometry. The third option is to provide height measurements and allow the app to do the rest, which although potentially less novel, gives a great starting point to set up your perfect fit.

Virtual Gearing: Perfectly Matched to Shimano, Sram or Campagnolo

The app also allows you to select your shifting type, giving you the power to change the number of speeds and gear ratio at will. When it comes to training matching your on-road bike is key, and this allows you to perfectly match your preferred gear ratio to ensure you are getting the same ride-feel both on and off the KICKR BIKE.

But why stop there - got a big race on your mountain bike at the weekend? Tweak the ratios and train with the same speeds you'll be using off-road, the options are near endless. Virtual gearing also allows you to test and trial new ratios to see what works for you, which could make a real world difference at your next race when the seconds really count.


If you have ever wondered if you would benefit from a wide range cassette, or puzzled over whether the latest Sram 12spd groupset would make ALL the difference, this feature will surely appeal. You can even drop it down to a virtual single ring setup to see if it works for you, keeping you up to date with all the current trends.

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Easy Connectivity

Much like Wahoo's other smart trainers, the KICKR BIKE easily pairs with your ELEMNT GPS bike computer and is ready to rock right as soon as assembled - no faff or calibration required. Whether tablet, smartphone or PC, connectivity is simple and requires zero tech knowledge!


Connecting your Wahoo cycle computer allows it to interact with the KICKR BIKE trainer in a host of different modes, making importing planned workouts or setting watt targets a breeze. Using your ride data you can even re-ride your favourite outdoor routes, or connect it straight up to Zwift, FulGaz, Sufferfest and other training apps for an immersive ride experience that blurs the line between virtual experience and reality.

KICKR Ride Feel: Bring the Ride Inside

Wahoo turbo trainers are known for their realistic resistance and for their immersive grade simulation technology that brings the outdoor riding experience into your own home. By using similar technology to that found on the KICKR CLIMB, the KICKR BIKE can accurately replicate the sensation of climbing and descending.

Hidden away around the �BB� of the trainer is the actuator for the gradient simulator, providing a natural feel that pivots around the centre of the bike rather than the front like the standalone KICKR CLIMB. This is able to accurately and quietly replicate grades of 20% climbing and 15% descending, all neatly displayed on an LED screen near the toptube.


The KICKR BIKE comes complete with realistic shifting and braking. These controls are tactile and well thought out, mirroring the experience you would receive on your favourite analogue steed. Accompanying these are buttons on top of the shifter for manually controlling the CLIMB features if you so wish, and a pair of opposing buttons to steer left and right.


Overall: The Pinnacle of Indoor Training

To put it simply, the KICKR BIKE can benefit any aspiring road cyclist who wishes to take their riding to the next level. The immersive riding experience makes training all the more appealing, with the convenience of the standalone system being highly impressive.

Its form factor and ease of use and setup scores highly when compared to a traditional turbo-trainer setup, although there is no denying that with it's high price-tag this is one product potentially reserved for only those seeking the absolute best indoor training experience available.

Want to secure your very own Wahoo KICKR BIKE? Get in contact with your local store, shop online, or call our expert sales team on 0330 555 0080.

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