Wahoo Elemnt Rival Multisport Watch | One month review

Words by Will Crump

on 29/03/2021 14:40:00


What can it do apart from telling the time?

Yes... the new Wahoo Elemnt Rival watch can tell the time - in fact it tells the time very well from straight out the box! However, the Rival GPS Watch is capable of so much more when it comes to fitting into your lifestyle, enhancing your training and performance on race day. With a plethora of modes, sensors and functions, the Wahoo Rival Watch feels at home both as a lifestyle watch and as a necessity that will transform your training.

The Development team at Wahoo have purposefully designed this GPS Watch around Triathlon training and race day. By designing their product around Triathlons, they immediately have developed a watch that will be good at recording Running, Cycling and Open water swimming individually as well.

When using the Rival during a Triathlon, you only need to press a single button and that is to start. Let your watch do all the work, thanks to multisport handover which completes the smooth transition between Swimming, Cycling and Running when in the vicinity of other Wahoo GPS Computers

About a month ago, I managed to get my hands on one of these watches and I thought I would put it through its paces over the next few months. I am typically a Mountain cyclist who enjoys exploring off-piste routes and I was curious as to how well the Element Rival would keep up with my low signal rides and the data it would produce.



Overview -

Discipline: Multisport GPS Watch

Usage: GPS Watch, HRM, Training platform

Colours: Stealth Grey, White


  • -Easy to navigate, 64 colour display
  • -Heart rate monitor + Step counter display
  • -One touch and go, Multisport handover
  • -GPS Functions (GPS & GLONASS)
  • -Silicone strap, Gorilla glass screen
  • -Smart notification functioning
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Unboxing and first impressions -


A lot like the rest of the Wahoo Elemnt fleet, the Rival Multisport Watch comes safely packaged in a sleek, distinctive and informative box that gives you the Wahoo's capabilities and industry leading statistics. The watch itself is stored in a draw that becomes visible once the box has folded out - when pulling out the draw you get hit with a sense of the attention to detail that has been put into these watches.

Immediately, as I put the watch on, the silicone strap felt comfortable, robust and stable. As part of the fastening mechanism, the strap has two extra bands that keep the excess strap secure by plugging them together - this allowed for me to forget I was even wearing the watch whilst performing mundane tasks at home.

As soon as it was on my wrist, I quickly and efficiently paired the watch to my Element app to start customising the user interface to make it perfect for what I was going to use it for!

How does the Rival cope off road?


For the penultimate test of the Wahoo Rival, I decided to give it a good spin around the trails of Woburn, Milton Keynes where I could test and track the watches ability to record my BPM (heart rate), track elevation and plot the route without missing a beat.

I was overall very impressed with the watch before, during and after the ride as it had efficiently tracked my every move, auto paused when I had stopped for a breather (which was needed) and recorded all my other data without a blip. After I finished my ride, I could see exactly what areas of fitness I needed to improve on all from the data I recieved from the watch. Going forwards, this will allow me to better plan my training scheme so I can get the most out of every ride!

Usually, I tend to just ride with my Wahoo Elemnt Roam GPS Computer which is renowned for its accurate off-road capabilities but the Elemnt Rival now gives me the option to ride wherever when I accidentally leave my GPS Computer at home! For some of my more local rides, I used my Rival as a regular heart rate monitor that broadcasted data to my Element Roam which combined captures a lot of information to analyse.


In the future, I will continue to use my Rival by itself and alongside the Roam but I would like to take it to the next level in terms of locations to ride. By finally having a device that captures everything I need, I feel I can pack my MTB into the car, head off into the countryside, press go and ride - as simple as that!

How does the watch fit into your lifestyle?


Built into the watch comes a step counter, stopwatch, timer all of which become useful in everyday life alongside features that notify you when you receive a text or a call. The watch is very sleek in design as well as being comfortable and un-noticeable making it the perfect accessory to your lifestyle. Thanks to the 240x240px, 64 colour screen, the time is constantly displayed in bold numbers to ensure that it is easy to read.

However, the most convenient aspect of the Wahoo Rival is its battery life! Without using GPS, Wahoo claims that the battery can last �upto 14 days� which in my experience has been pretty accurate so far. When using GPS functions whilst recording an activity, the battery life is expected to last 24 hours which is still very impressive considering the watches size and the tasks it is completing.

What do I want to test next?


Considering that the Wahoo Rival has ultimately been designed around triathlon training and race day, I would like to test out the Rivals ability to capture road cycling, running and open water swimming as well as seeing how effortlessly it swaps your disciplines using the multisport handover. Furthermore, by using the HRM monitor and the heart rate zones that the data provides me with, I am going to focus my training on my cardiovascular fitness and try and improve it to bring my average heart rate down when exercising.


Wahoo Elemnt Rival GPS Multisport Watch

Wahoo, leading manufacturer of indoor trainers and cycle computers, now entering to world of the GPS watch with the Elemnt Rival Multisport GPS watch, giving you a seamless performance advantage across all disciplines.

  • Weight: 53 grams
  • Screen Resolution: x 240 pixels
  • Lens Material: Gorilla Glass
  • Bezel Material: Ceramic
  • Case Material: Nylon Polymer
  • Water Rating: 5 ATM
  • Navigating systems: GPS & GLONASS
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