MTB Accessories | What to take on a Mountain bike ride?

Words by Will Crump

on 17/05/2021 16:15:00


Your list of essential items to take on your MTB rides

Are you dreaming of an awesome Mountain bike staycation or ride this summer? To make your MTB ride or staycation as effortless and enjoyable as possible, we have gathered a list together of essential items that it might be worth taking to enhance your ride. There is nothing worse than being stranded miles away from your car without the correct tools or accessory that you wish you had brought with you.

From tools to nutrition, you would be surprised at how underprepared most of us are before we set off on a long Mountain bike ride! However, a lot of this list will come in handy and prepare you for all worst case scenarios. Lets pedal straight into our list of items to take on your next Mountain bike ride!

1. Rucksacks, Hydration packs and Bum bags


Depending on your length of ride, I can guarantee that you will need at least one of these to carry your essential items and tools around in. If you are out on your adventure all day then it is worth investing in a hydration tank so you can carry enough water to keep you going! It is recommended that for every hour of cycling you complete, you should have 500ml of water.

The benefits of having rucksacks and hydration tanks is that you can carry every possible tool, accessory and clothing without any added stress as it's all on your back. On the other hand, Bum bags come in very useful when you're only going out for a quick evening ride and you don't want to lug half your shed around. Bum bags have plenty of space for your essentials all whilst being comfortable, sleek and out of the way.

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2. Spare tubes

It may seem like a pain having to lug around a spare tube or two but it is worth it for if the inevitable happens whilst out on the trails. Even if you run a tubeless tyre set up on your Mountain bike, sometimes it doesn't always go to plan and you may need to use a tube just to get you back to the car. We all know how unpredictable punctures can be in the British forests so it's better to be safe than sorry!

3. Multi-tools


A high quality multi-tool will always be an essential item to take on a ride with you whether the tool needed is for you, a friend or another rider. For me, a good multi-tool should include a chain tool, a set of allen keys (from 2mm to 8mm), a phillips and flathead screwdriver and a T25 Torx wrench... a bottle opener is an added benefit!

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4. Tyre Levers

Admittedly, a lot of modern Multi-tools do have built in tyre levers although they are often not big enough to pop the beading off of your rim - especially on a tubeless tyre set up! Carrying around 2 extra tyre levers will ensure that you are not stuck in the mud and can quickly change your tubes over.

5. Co2 Canisters


Have you just gotten a small puncture from a pesky little thorn and your sealant has repaired it at the expense of your tyre pressure? Carrying around a few Co2 Canisters will ensure that your tyres can be re-inflated in a matter of seconds so you can get out and smash the trails again. A word of warning with Co2 Canisters - make sure you are wearing a glove when using it as the canister can burn your hand during inflation.

6. A mini-pump


Prefer the traditional way? I don't blame you! There is no harm in carrying around a mini-pump that has a pressure gauge attached to it. The benefits are that you can fine tune your Tyre PSI to suit your riding conditions, terrain and style meaning that your overall experience will be a lot greater!

Don't necessarily go for the smallest mini-pump as you will be on top of a mountain for hours trying to get enough air back into your tyres. Instead, invest in a pump that efficiently shifts air for a faster experience and a pump that is ergonomically designed to be comfortable in your hands!

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7. MTB Jacket


We've all been out in the past and been caught out in the British Weather... it's inescapable! Unless you're 100% confident on the weather forecast for the day you're riding, I would always suggest packing a lightweight, windproof and waterproof jacket so you are prepared for all weathers and to make the car journey back a lot more enjoyable.

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8. MTB Gloves


I can't think of anything worse than having to endure a ride with cold and wet hands... the thought of pressing the brakes! Easiest way to combat this is to invest in some windproof cycling gloves for the colder and wetter months and then in summer have a set of fingerless gloves to ride in. The other benefits of gloves include: increased grip on the bars, less calluses and you look the part!

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9. Nutrition


Fuelling your body for a gruelling MTB ride is absolutely key! When your body has the correct nutrients you will find that your energy levels and concentration levels are heightened. Once you start to lose concentration due to tiredness and fatigue, that is when you're most likely to make a mistake. Added with the fact that cycling whilst bottoming out with no energy is the worst feeling imaginable!

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Whether riding on a Winter's day, a rainy spring day or back from the pub on a summer's evening, having a set of LED lights is a necessity for other motorists and cyclists to see you! It's quite easy to be caught out and it's better to have a set with you at all times.

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11. Powerlinks, Links and Chains

In the dreaded event that your chain does snap whilst you're out and about it is worth taking a few spare links and quick links so you can bodge your chain enough to use it and get back to the car.

12. Phone


Your phone is absolutely essential when out for a bike ride as it means you have constant access to the emergency services, your family or your friends in case of an emergency or if you need picking up. As well as this, having your phone will also mean you have access to GPS maps, Strava and Instagram so you can view and record your rides!

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