Seasonal Service: Winter Check Up

Words by Kathryn Dickinson

on 13/02/2019 10:25:01


Winter-proof your bike from the elements with this helpful seasonal Winter service check-up and maintenance advice from Rutland Cycling.

Your Bike's Winter Service Check-up

It's no surprise that cycling throughout the winter months can be a tough slog. The elements make it a tough time for your bike too, so essential maintenance and a Winter bike service will ensure you keep going until Spring.


Bike Maintenance in Winter

Throughout the winter your bike can take a beating from the elements so it is essential to look after your pride and joy to keep the wheels turning. So why is the winter so harsh on your bike?

With winter comes icy roads and therefore, salt. It may keep us upright on the slippery roads but salt and grit can cause havoc with your bike. The small abrasive particles can be swept up into your chain, cassette, chainrings, and jockey wheels, slowly wearing down your components. If you ride a steel or aluminium bike, the grit will increase your susceptibility to rust whilst also potentially chipping the paint on your frame.


Alongside the salt and grit, winter brings with it more water on the roads. Water can cause rust and this is something you want to avoid at all costs!

Here at Rutland Cycling we cannot recommend enough keeping on top of your bike maintenance during the winter. Just remember, a happy bike means a happy rider!

5 steps to minimise your winter service costs:

1. Mudguards - One quick and simple way to protect your bike from water on the roads is with mudguards. You can use mudguards on almost any bike, either attaching to the frame via eyelets or using rubber straps, and they will help to reduce the amount of water spraying up from the roads both onto your bike and your back. Although they cannot prevent all water from hitting your bike, they do a great job at keeping your bike clean.

2. Tyres - Investing in some good winter tyres will puncture proof you from those nasty sharp objects that wash into the road with all of the rain. Winter tyres are thicker than other tyres meaning you stand more of a chance against small objects embedding themselves into your innertubes. If you're not confident in repairing a puncture on the road then winter tyres can be a lifesaver and mean you aren't heading to your local bike shop every few weeks.

If your wheels can go tubeless this will also help with reducing the number of punctures. Tubeless tyres work by creating a seal from the tyre to the rim. There is no innertube required but you will need to add sealant. If you do come across a sharp object, the sealant inside the tyre will fill the whole when the tyre is moving and create a seal meaning no stopping on your long rides.

3. Chain Care - Possibly one of the most important parts on your bike, if you don't look after your chain, be prepared for a whole loads of strange noises and uncomfortable gear changes! There a few simple ways to maintain your chain during the winter. For starters, clean the chain regularly to remove any dirt and grit that will wear it down. Make sure to use degreaser and finally, re-oil the chain. During the winter months it is best to use wet lube.

Wet lube is water resistant so won't just wash off when caught out in a shower and will protect against salt corrosion. The one downside to wet lube is that due to it's sticky nature, it can attract dirt and if this builds up will create a sticky paste. Make sure to keep an eye on your chain and clean regularly.

4. Puncture repair - Learning how to fix a puncture on the road side will drastically improve your winter riding. Gone will be the days of calling a friend to come and pick you up. Once you have mastered the skill of removing and replacing an inner tube you will be able to ride anywhere, anytime. Make sure to never leave the house with your puncture essentials:

  • Pump
  • Inner tube/ puncture patches
  • Tyre levers

    5. Cleaning - Maybe an obvious one but definitely something we all try to put off as long as possible. As well as cleaning the chain, make sure to clean your frame and other moving parts to remove excess dirt and debris. Keep your bike clean and you'll prevent any wearing down of important components.

    Winter Servicing at Rutland Cycling

    In the unfortunate event you do need to take your bike in for a service/don't want to clean it yourself we offer a great selection of bike care plans and one-off services at any of our 12 stores.

    Service - From a basic MOT to a complete frame strip down, you can choose a service to fit your requirements. Prices start from £30.

    Workshop - If you have one specific issue that needs fixing you can book a workshop appointment where our expert staff will set your bike right again. We offer a wide range including puncture repair, wheels servicing and gear and brake checks. Prices start from £6.

    Care plans - For any bike bought through ourselves, we offer two either a 2 year or 3 year care plan. Included in your care plan: annual premium service, drop-in service, e-bike software upgrades, and entrance to unlimited evening maintenance classes at our stores.

    • 2 year plan - £150
    • 3 year plan - £200

    Find out more about services and care plans >

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