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We still ride | Get kitted out for Autumn with our range of Autumn cycling clothing

Words by Will Crump

on 21/10/2021 12:30:00


With the clocks turning back, the early nights drawing in and the cold weather starting to make an appearance, it’s only a matter of time before your Summer cycling clothing isn’t quite going to cut the mustard when it comes to keeping you warm and dry. When you’ve got the correct kit, cycling in Autumn and throughout Winter can be just as beautiful and enjoyable as your summer rides so making a few small investments will make your total cycling experience a whole lot better!

Whilst road races might become more infrequent, it’s still important to keep a consistent level of fitness throughout Winter… with Christmas being an exception! However, it's equally as important to stay wrapped up when out on the trails, out with the family or your commute into town so it's best to be prepared for whatever the Weather has to throw at you.

The not so secret cycling hack to staying warm whilst cycling is to layer up rather than riding in one heavy item of clothing. Why is this? When you do eventually get warm and it starts to become uncomfortable, it is easier to take off a layer at a time to get your body back to the optimum temperature. Furthermore, by having multiple layers, you are trapping air in between them which will eventually become warm air due to your body heat. When these pockets of air heat up, they keep their temperature for longer amounts of time meaning that you can be warmer, for longer!

Baselayers -

Warm cycling clothing

A baselayer is a key bit of kit when it comes to Cycling in autumn and into Winter… it's your first layer of protection against the chill. Whether you choose to go for a short sleeve or a long sleeve, you will be thankful for the protection against the wind once you’re out and about. With the correct baselayer, when you’re out competing you will be able to perform better allowing you to ride for longer.

Thanks to the absorbent materials of baselayers, even when you do start to become hot, the materials - which use capillary attraction - will wick away the sweat from your body. This will inevitably allow your skin to breathe making you feel cooler and more comfortable.

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Jackets -

Warm cycling clothing

Whether you’re out on the trails, road or riding to work, a Jacket is an essential item of clothing that will protect you from the rain. With the same wicking materials as the base layers, jackets are your top layer of protection against the elements. A waterproof and windproof jacket will keep the rain off you all day meaning you can focus on the road or trail ahead of you.

In our Winter range, the colours tend to be brighter to ensure that you stand out at night to other road users. For mountain bikes, the jackets tend to have hoods which are capable of fitting over your helmet so that you look cool yet ride comfortably.

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Gloves, Overshoes & Neckwarmers -

Warm cycling clothing

Inoculating your extremities against the weather is a very crucial part of Autumn and Winter cycling. Investing in a set of Gloves - whether you’re on the road or mountain bike - will improve your experience no end… No one likes having cold hands. If cycling without gloves, you are exposing your hands to a lot of cold windchill which will result in sore hands, very fast. For your feet, a set of overshoes will do the job just nicely as they will keep your feet warm but also secure them from road spray and the weather making them an essential part of the Autumn outfit.

To finish off the trio, riding with a neck warmer (also known as a Buff) is a great piece of kit for stopping the cold getting to your neck, back and lower face. A good recommendation would be to find a neck warmer made out of Merino Wool which is super soft but great for keeping the warmth in. If you want to double up on the Merino wool, then having a pair of socks will also help your feet.

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Trousers, bibtights & bibshorts

Warm cycling clothing

Unless you’re a die hard fan of shorts on a Mountain bike, investing in some waterproof trousers are probably the best way to keep the legs warm this Winter. Even if it’s not raining, all the trails you ride will tend to be soaked for a good 6 months or so and when your legs are taking a constant battering from the spray it can become quite painful. With trousers, not only will you look steezy with the baggy look but you can ride for longer.

On a road bike, it’s probably wise to have at least one set of thermal bibshorts or even better... bibtights! These will come in handy on the rides where the temperature won’t reach double figures. Just like the baselayers, if you do start to become too warm, the lycra material will efficiently wick away any sweat

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