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How to get fit with an e-bike

   Words by Kathryn Dickinson

   on 24/01/2019 16:34:23


Wondering if it’s even possible to get fit with an electric bike? Read on to found out E-bikes can do just that.

The popularity of e-bikes has risen in the UK over the past few years as more and more people turn to electricity to help power their ride. With the introduction of a new technology and cycling discipline comes much confusion and perhaps even some animosity. Just like with any new development, there are early adopters who are raving about the benefits of using an e-bike but what about those who still aren't sure how an e-bike can help you get fitter? We're going to take a closer look at e-bikes, their benefits, and how you can use them to boost your cycling fitness.



What are e-bikes?

E-bikes - or electric bikes - are pedal-assisted bikes, which means that the motor is only engaged when you turn the pedals (making it very different from a moped or other engine powered vehicle). E-bikes come with different sized batteries and motors meaning they vary from bike to bike on distance travelled and efficiency.

Within the category of e-bikes there are a variety of different bikes and each one has a specific purpose.

  • E-MTB's - Designed for trail riding, electric mountain bikes allow you ride up steep climbs with relative ease and discover brand new trails.
  • Hybrids - Built for riding both around town and on gravel paths. Ridden by commuters and for leisure.
  • Folding - Smaller in choice for different brands but this is the ultimate commuter bike for those needing to use other modes of transport like a train or taxi.
  • Road - Ridden by those wanting to travel further on the weekend or those who struggle to keep up with the club run.
  • E-bikes work fairly similarly to normal bikes, with the exception of the battery and motor. E-bikes are limited to 15.5mph (25kmph) in the UK meaning they are safe to use on the road and on cycle paths. For most, this speed is more than enough to help transport them to work, the gym, and into town. E-bikes require charging every so often using a normal mains plug, and it is estimated that it costs a mere 15p to fully charge a e-bike - depending on your type of riding, this could last at least a week. Definitely a decrease from filling up the car. Maintaining an electric bike is reasonably similar to a standard mechanical bike; the gears, brakes and components are almost identical to their non-electric counterparts. Find out about maintenance here.


    Myths surrounding e-bikes

    As with any new technology that people may be unfamiliar with, there are a number of common myths that we hear from customers and friends. But fear not, we're here to allay your fears and put the record straight!

    "But it's just cheating?!" - Well yes, if you were entered into a non-e-bike race and trying to fool everyone into thinking you're the next Chris Froome. For most people who ride e-bikes, they aren't doing it to try and ride faster than everyone else for the sake of a KOM/QOM, most e-bike riders are just looking to ride more. Put most simply, an e-bike allows you to ride further, faster and for longer. Is there really any harm in more people out cycling?

    "Well it's just a moped, not a bicycle at all…" - As mentioned previously, this is not the case as a pedal-assisted e-bike requires you to pedal and the speed is limited.

    "E-bikes are far too expensive, you may as well buy a car…" - E-bikes do cost more than non-electric bikes but there are many ways you can spread the cost of an e-bike. Here at Rutland Cycling we offer e-bike specific Cycle to work schemes to give you a more flexible way to pay, we also offer 0% finance on certain bikes. If you want to find out more about finance, call one of our Customer Service team members to discuss your options: 0330 555 0080



    Benefits to riding an e-bike

    There are a variety of reasons why people are turning to cycling as their main mode of transport, so here are a selection of the main reasons people are getting out on two wheels.

    1. Increase activity levels The UK Government recommends a minimum of 150 minutes a week of moderate to vigorous activity (5 x 30 minutes if you don't fancy getting it all over with in one sitting!), this can help to reduce the detrimental effects of a sedentary lifestyle, if you have a desk job this means you. But how does an e-bike come into this? It may seem like an obvious connection but an e-bike means more cycling and more physical activity. An e-bike removes all barriers to entry with cycling; don't feel fit enough, too many hills, takes too long to cycle. With an e-bike there really aren't many reasons not to cycle so you can easily achieve those 150 minutes just by cycling to work and perhaps into town.
    2. Save money on fuel As mentioned earlier, the cost to charge an e-bike is roughly 15p for every full charge which sounds miniscule when you compare it to the average cost of a tank of fuel at around £45! Imagine if you could almost half that usage by either cycling to work or taking the kids to school on their bikes. It is estimated that nearly half of all journeys in the UK by car are between 1-5 miles, something that would take next to no time on an e-bike. How much time and money could you save by removing yourself from the ever-increasing car traffic?
    3. Quicker, easier, and inclusive As mentioned previously, e-bikes reduce both time and effort cycling, but this doesn't mean you cant get your heart rate up and get in just as much exercise as on a mechanical bike. Due to the fact you are out riding for longer periods of time, you can get in just as much exercise as normal.
    4. More time outside More and more, we are swapping time outdoors for sitting in front of the TV, the steering wheel and then the computer screen. Even just cycling to work will reduce your sedentary time and with a e-bike you will never end up getting to work in a sweat.



    How to get fit with an e-bike?

    So, we've covered what an e-bike is and how it can benefit your health, but how do you actually get fit with an e-bike?

    • Increase your normal ride distance We've mentioned many times that you can ride further with an e-bike, and with the fear of being caught out too tired to ride home gone you can discover more roads. Lets say you normally ride 15 miles, on an e-bike you might be able to ride 20-30 miles. That's a huge increase and you'll be getting so much more time out on the bike. Don't forget, it's pedal assisted so although you'll have help from the bike, you still have to ride the distance. Where could you ride if you had one?
    • Use less assistance In the beginning you may rely on turbo mode for the hills and during a strong headwind but as you ride more and more, you can switch the motor over to sport or eco mode to rely on your own legs more. As you become fitter you'll only need to rely on the top assistance modes during particularly steep hills. Your fitness will increase and you'll be able to cycle further!
    • Cut out the car Now you have an e-bike, riding to the shops or the gym will help to increase your weekly physical activity levels. If previously it was too far, that distance will now be manageable and you'll much prefer spending the time outdoors compared to behind a wheel.

    E-bike buying guide >E-bike FAQ's >Commuting with an e-bike >>Are e-bikes cheating?



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