Introducing the NEW Specialized S-WORKS Evade III & Prevail III

Stay cooler, stay protected, go faster… This is the winning trilogy of factors that form the updated Specialized S-WORKS helmets. Specialized have improved the Evade and Prevail road cycling helmets so that they have increased ventilation without sacrificing aerodynamic properties. By doing this, you will find that you are a lot cooler when out on the bike, making you faster and more comfortable over longer distances.


By utilising cutting-edge technology, the cyclists who wear these helmets can trust in their safety, comfort and aerodynamic benefits. As part of the development process, the Evade 3 and Prevail 3 have all been put through rigorous testing in Specialized’s wind tunnel as well as getting professional athletes to test them. All in all, you are guaranteed high performance when out on the roads.


In this blog, we shall take a look at the key benefits of each helmet, what rider they are suited for and the technology that has gone into creating these helmets.



Specialized S-WORKS Prevail III

Titled by Specialized as “the best ventilated helmet we’ve ever made” the S-WORKS Prevail III excels on longer road rides. If you find yourself on a ride with technical mountain climbs, long in distance or in hot weather conditions, then the Specialized Prevail is the perfect all-round helmet. But how is the Prevail 3 different to previous models?


In comparison to the previous generation of Prevail, Specialized claim to have increased the surface area of ventilation by 24.5%. This has been achieved by eradicating air blocking structures around the centre of the helmet. To ensure the helmet still has all its structural integrity, Specialized have introduced a system called the “Air cage” which is a series of woven aramid “cables” that line the inside of the lid. Upon impact, the air cage system steps in and acts as a suspension bridge that disperses the harsh impact of the fall, keeping your head safe.


Another key feature of the S-WORKS Prevail III is that it is equipped with the “MIPS Air node” which is fused into the helmet's padding. It uses a low friction layer that slightly rotates to help protect your head in the events of rotational impact. Using the Air node system has added benefits to the riders comfort as it prioritises breathability and performance.


With all of these innovative features, the Specialized S-WORKS Prevail III has been tested and received a 5 star Virginia tech helmet rating which is the highest rating achievable.


Specialized SWORKS-Evade-III

Specialized S-WORKS Evade III

Turned inside out and revamped, the new S-WORKS Evade III has been rejuvenated to stay the “most aero helmet in the peloton” but with better breathability making it the obvious choice for more stages. Over previous versions, the new Evade 3 has increased its ventilation by 10% whilst still maintaining its aerodynamic properties. This has been achieved through extensive “Computational Fluid Dynamics and wind Tunnel testing”. The result of this testing is a rear “diffuser” that reduces drag significantly whilst adding larger vents for comfort and breathability.


Like the Prevail, the new S-WORKS Evade 3 has the in-built MIPS Air node which protects your head against rotational impact making this helmet a 5 star helmet on the Virginia tech rating.


Across both helmets, Specialized have equipped "occipital base adjustment” which has been designed to be comfortable. It works by adjusting the helmet's size to provide a personalised fit to each rider's head shape. This system also allows for riders to easily ride with sunglasses. For the chin strap, riders can enjoy a comfortable “Tri-fix web system” with an updated, thinner 10mm webbing which diminishes strap noise.




Will Crump