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FIRST LOOK: Specialized S-WORKS Ares Road Shoe Review

Words by Will Crump

on 21/01/2021 17:00:00


Specialized S-WORKS Ares road cycling shoes

Combine comfort, with a stiff, lightweight carbon outsole alongside decades worth of Body Geometry refinements and developments and you’re met with Specialized’s latest high performance race shoe - “the S-works Ares”! The Ares joins Specialized’s latest run of innovative, fast-family S-works shoes - parallel to the previously loved EXOS and S-WORKS 7 Vent shoes - but for 2021, the world’s athletes can enjoy new found speed and comfort when riding with the Specialized Ares.

In a sport where every second counts, you can now gain seven watts more, thanks to body geometry engineering, which overall makes you 14 seconds over 10km. Specialized Claim that you are able to go 1% faster than you could in previous shoes which really is the difference between winning and placing in the middle of the pack.

“When I slip my feet into the Ares, it’s like putting slippers next to the fire” - Julian Alaphilippe

Overview -

Discipline: Road Cycling

Usage: High performance Cycling Shoes

Colours: White, Black, Red & Black, White & Black Team Edition


  • - Stiffness Index of 15.0
  • - FACT Powerline™ Carbon Outsole
  • - Designed using Body Geometry for ultimate comfort
  • - Patent-Pending closing architecture for increased performance and comfort
  • - 1% Faster than previous models, 14 seconds faster over 10km!
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Innovative technology turns to Pure performance


Specialized have used their classic World Championship winning FACT Powerline™ Carbon outsole that has a stiffness index of 15.0 - with an increase of 2.0 from the EXOS shoes. The stiff sole ensures that your power transfer is as smooth, efficient and effective as possible. Having a loose sole would mean that the energy you are transferring from your muscles to the pedals could be lost through the flexing of the sole consequently losing you vital seconds whilst racing.

Furthermore, Specialized have also introduced their own Patent-Pending closure system which allows the foot to sit comfortably yet securely in the shoe. Introducing this BOA closing system allows for a 20% increased contact between foot and shoe than riders wearing traditional closure systems. Additionally, the latest patent-pending closure system eliminates any chance of your foot rolling which reduces injury but increases performance.


What's the point in creating a shoe that is so well refined but not making it comfortable? Specialized has combated this by making their shoe using a Dyneema® reinforced tongueless sock which eradicates unwanted pressure on your tendons allowing you to ride endless miles in absolute comfort. With all this combined performance in one unique road cycling shoe, you can be confident when you next line up at your local crit!

Body Geometry Technology


Body Geometry products are ergonomically designed and thoroughly tested products that enhance your performance as well as increasing comfort throughout your race. This is achieved by aligning your hip, knees and feet which increases your power output due to efficient pedal strokes as well as being prone to fewer injuries. To prevent arch collapse, you can change out the insoles for personalised Specialized Body Geometry SL Footbed which provides additional support to your foot whilst increasing your pedal efficiency.

Furthermore, the shoe battles numbness with a metatarsal button which allows for the nerves in your foot to be protected by separating the bones in your forefoot. All of this scientifically tested design makes this the Specialized Ares to be the fastest body geometry road shoe ever made!

First Ride Review


Rutland Cycling’s Graphic Designer and Road cycling enthusiast Mike, was lucky enough to try a pair and test them in and around his hometown!

“First impressions of these shoes are just how comfortable they are out of the box. The new closure design is built around what can only be described as a sock. As soon as you slip them on you can feel the shoes hugging your feet, and the benefit of this is that you don’t get those pressure points that can start to cause discomfort when the shoes are tightened up, or on longer rides.”

“That leads me on to what I really love about these shoes. Firstly, that's how you can feel really secure, without the need to crank up the boas and secondly, how the top BOA dial covers the main bulk of your foot so that you can isolate the toe box with the lower BOA, to customise the fit to exactly what works for you.”


Specialized S-WORKS Ares Team Edition Road Cycling Shoe

Stiffness Index of 15.0, Body Geometry innovation and new patent-pending closure system - sounds like the perfect recipe for the ultimate pair of road racing shoes. The Ares... "One second makes all the difference"

  • Upper material - Dyneema® reinforced tongueless sock
  • Sole - FACT Powerline™ Carbon
  • Closing system - Patent Pending Closure System
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