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#TeamRutland | 2019 Christmas Gift Guide

Words by Kathryn Dickinson

on 13/12/2019 14:21:00


The Ultimate Cycling Gift Guide

With Christmas just around the corner we have asked our #TeamRutland ambassadors what's one item they just can't live without! See below for each of their picks and get inspired on gifts for the cyclist in your life

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Lucy Sturgess

Lucy Sturgess is a road cyclist local to our Leicester store and can be found through the year at various high-profile events!

The Garmin Edge 530 GPS Computer

My essential ride item is my Garmin. I recently upgraded to the Garmin Edge 530 which has been perfect for my riding in every way. The touchscreen is easy to use, the maps are easy to follow and the data screens are laid out really nicely too.

My favourite feature on this device is ‘ClimbPro’ which gives you a better understanding of the course ahead. It plots out where the biggest climbs are and will notify you when these are coming up and also give you a visual of the gradient, the percentage and show upcoming green, yellow, red and even black sections! The black section was a nice surprise when I took a recent trip up to Yorkshire to ride up some of the larger climbs in the area.

I don’t do any rides without my Garmin, whether training or racing and so this is most definitely my one go-to item!


Garmin Edge 530 GPS Computer

Garmin are back once more with their latest GPS in the Edge series, the 530. And they've somehow raised the bar once again, both in terms of performance, accuracy and features.

  • Accuracy - GPS, GLONASS, Galileo support, with integrated altimeter, ambient light sensor, accelerometer and magnetometer for improved ride tracking on and off road
  • Performance - Improved processor for 2x faster route calculation and improved button and touchscreen responsiveness
  • Connectivity - Improved connectivity, with ANT+® / BLUETOOTH wireless technology compatibility, Wi-Fi, and a streamlined, simplified set up.
Garmin Edge 530 GPS Computer


Chris Teagles

Chris is our friendly MTB afficionado, known for his top photography and as Rutland Cycling Pitsford's MTB ride leader.

Endura Hummvee Waterproof Socks

One thing I couldn’t live without: Waterproof Socks.

This time of year, it’s hard to get the motivation to get outside. A constant gloomy grey drizzle seems to hang over the UK for a good few months, with puddles getting deeper and trails getting more and more ruined. Remember when you just went out with a t shirt on and stopped in at the pub on the way back? Getting in past 9pm and it was still light out. Now you have 5 layers on, its dark at 4pm and your utility room is constantly full of drying riding gear. It feels like the summer will never return.

There is nothing worse than motivating yourself to get out the door despite it all, braving the rain and the mud. Only to find that 20 minutes in your feet are freezing cold and soaking wet. This is why the one thing I couldn’t live without is a pair of waterproof socks. Honestly these are the best thing you can buy at this time of year and I think you will struggle to find any cyclist that isn’t grateful to find a pair of these in their stocking on Christmas day. It’s not quite as good as dry trails and glorious sunshine but warm, dry feet are guaranteed to keep you smiling.


Endura Hummvee Waterproof Socks Mid

A sock with breathable and waterproof protection keeping your feet cool and dry at the same time.

  • Unpadded construction, ideal for close fitting shoes
  • Stretch arch support
  • Mid ankle cut
Endura Hummvee Waterproof Mid Sock


Lee Hopkinson

Lee is an avid XC rider who races year-round at the UK's top events. He's been putting in the training this year and getting top results!

A Tubeless MTB Setup!

Initially I was going to say my Wahoo Cycling computer as I am a little obsessed with my riding/training data, but, having thought about it some more, there is something that has made both my training rides & racing all the more enjoyable. That is a tubeless setup.

I was a late adopter to tubeless, having only been using this set up for about 4yrs Prior to this my amount of DNFs due to punctures were to starting to get out of hand and the amount of training ride punctures were just as bad, especially those which would occur when I wasn’t carrying any spare tubes. The tubeless set-up also saves the phone call to the wife asking to picked up, normally miles from home in the middle of nowhere, definitely a marriage saver!

The benefits of a tubeless setup to a mountain biker cannot be overstated, especially with the types of terrain we can encounter miles from civilisation. Even small splits or holes that would have destroyed tubes are plugged with the magic of sealant and you can run really low tyre pressures without the fear of having a pinch flat as you could have with tubes. This is great for racing and when you need extra grip.


Tubeless Conversion Kits

To convert to tubeless, you will need:

  • Compatible wheels & tyres
  • Tubeless valves & tape
  • Sealant
See all Tubeless Kits


Allen Norris

Allen is known for his cycle touring and rode from London to Madrid this year (for the champions league final nonetheless!). Next up, UK to Finland.

A Quality Saddle Bag

Where would I be without a saddle bag? Probably in some part of Spain trying to order a new passport! Now I know it’s only a bag, and I should really be talking about some amazing GPS computer, or a tool which shaves seconds off of your PB on Strava - But no, this is what you need.

I am the kind of person who is as organised as Einstein - I have stuff EVERYWHERE. In all honesty if my head wasn’t attached, I’d probably lose it. So, having all my essentials in one pace is perfect.

Imagine cycling 100 odd miles and then having to check 80 different pockets for your keys when actually you just want to lay horizontal for an hour. Or worse, cycling to another country and you have to unpack your panniers desperately looking for your passport at the ferry terminal... or even worse ordering a massive plate of paella after cycling 700 miles in 6 days and then trying to find your wallet with angry Spanish people saying words at you. Yes, all of the above has happened to me in the last 12 months.

I bought a saddle bag from Rutland Cycling in the summer of 2019 and to be honest I can’t live without it. I hate having pockets full of wallets, puncture repair kits etc. so a saddle bag is perfect!


Saddle Bags

Convenient storage that keeps your spares tucked away and out of your jersey pockets!

  • Compatible with all railed saddles
  • A range of sizes
  • Offers from top brands such as Topeak, Bontrager and more
See all Saddle Bags


Josh Wallis

A true swiss army knife of a rider who races road, XC and enduro!

Castelli Overshoes

At this time of year in deepest darkest winter there are certain pieces of kit that I simply can’t be without.

Without any doubts at all I simply won’t start a ride without my Castelli Overshoes. They are essential to ride comfort. When the temperatures turn, I know I can rely of then to perform well and keep me nice and toastie. Not only do they keep me warm but when I dive into the cafe for a well-earned flat white and a scone, I can throw them on the nearest radiator and in no time, thanks to the neoprene construction, they are warmed through ready for the return journey.

I bought a saddle bag from Rutland Cycling in the summer of 2019 and to be honest I can’t live without it. I hate having pockets full of wallets, puncture repair kits etc. so a saddle bag is perfect!


Castelli Shoecovers

Convenient storage that keeps your spares tucked away and out of your jersey pockets!

  • Ideal for cool to cold conditions, with excellent fit and splash resistance
  • High-stretch neoprene flex zone at ankle for flexibility
  • Reflective features on some models
See all Castelli Overshoes


Archie Davies

Archie is usually found in the uplift queue or at the top of a peak in one of the UK's various national parks. He also recently became a Dad! Congrats Archie.

MTB Sunglasses

It’s always fun going full enduro, but wearing Goggles does require you to wear a full-face helmet to do it justice. So, if you don't have a full face, avoid the social shame and retain visual protection by getting some proper MTB glasses that will bring the same benefits of goggles; no more grit and bugs in your eyes!

A pair of MTB sunglasses should be on every mountain bikers Christmas list.


Endura Shark 3 Lens Glasses

Multi Lens Sunglasses protect your eyes from dusk till dawn. The Endura Shark glasses are a Must have with its light-weight polycarbonate frame, High definition and low distortion lenses, You can wear these glasses all year round.

  • High definition, low distortion interchangeable polycarbonate lens
  • Light-weight Polycarbonate Frame material
  • Supplied complete with hardcase and soft wipe microfibre carry pouch
See all Cycling Sunglasses

Still looking for more ideas? We have everything you need and more in-store and online this Christmas, click through the link below to see our range of gifts.

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