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Top 10 Cycling Resolutions for 2021

Words by Will Crump

on 01/01/2021 13:14:00


Top 10 Cycling Resolutions for 2021 -

With the longest year in history finally at an end - it’s time to kickstart the new year with some traditional new year's resolutions that we all *try* to stick too. This year, why not prioritize your cycling needs and set yourself some fun, realistic but also challenging Cycling resolutions for 2021 to really get you motivated and keep you in the saddle.

Admittedly, mid-winter cycling can often be off putting due to the lovely British Weather however, we have some enjoyable Cycling resolutions to keep your health and fitness at its peak throughout 2021.

What are we waiting for? It's time to clear the New year's hangover, give the bike a good clean up and get out and about on two wheels! Lets pedal straight into our list of Top 10 Cycling Resolutions…

1. Trying a new cycling discipline


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It’s time to broaden your horizon and consider taking up or at least trying a new cycling discipline. This can be achieved by riding a friend’s bike, hiring a bike from us or participating in one of ours or a supplier's demo day events. One of the latest cycling crazes is definitely riding a gravel bike - high speeds on road whilst still being able to tackle off road terrain. Gravel bikes can really easily bring together Roadies and MTB’ers into one super fun and adventurous discipline.

Equally, it can be as fun to just jump straight in at the deep end of another experience! Swapping out the Lycra for baggies and spending a day traversing the peaks on a different form of bike will often satisfy your adventuring needs and give you the serotonin and adrenaline rush you desire.

2. Exploration by two wheels


Possibly the most illegal thing in 2020… assuming the world has better plans for 2021 and we can be allowed to travel freely once again - why not pack the bike up and explore some of the UK’s beautiful scenery that's not necessarily on your doorstep. This is definitely something our #TeamRutland ambassadors love to do!

If you, and your partner, or your family have a few days off in a row, why not pack the bikes onto the car and travel to a new area of the UK and explore for a few days?

Scotland is almost God’s secret garden of the world as it has some of the best mountain trails, coastal roads and lakeside views in the world and yet it sits hidden on our doorstep practically. Fuel your Cycling Experience and enjoy different landscapes, other than your regular routes, to create memories that will last a lifetime.

3. Join a Cycling Club or attend a Social Ride


Nothing gets you more stoked than socialising whilst riding as it makes the miles roll past effortlessly as you chat. Joining a club will push you straight into a new friendship group of people who all share the same hobby as you - Cycling! Often paced, cycling club rides offer a guaranteed break from your working week as well as building the foundations for a good fitness plan. As well as this, cycling with other people can easily build confidence and improve your technique all whilst being highly motivating.

4. Goal Setting - Distance or Elevation?


Annihilate your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) this year to give you ultimate bragging rights against other riders as you’re sat discussing them in the Cafe. A challenge I have set for myself is to simply complete a Century of Miles every month - on my Mountain bike - which will give me 1200 miles at the end of the year. You can easily set your own limit depending on your fitness levels and that can change monthly but it gives you a motivating goal to work towards.

If you want to set yourself an elevation goal alongside a distance based goal then that could be a very interesting set of rides that will take you out of your comfort zone. Combining good fitness planning and location will result in you hitting both goals which would link up nicely to our Cycling resolution Top tip #2.

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5. Electrify your ride


Join and try the electric revolution! Kickstart your year with getting fitter by riding further on an Electric bike! Alongside seeing more of the world on each ride, you will start to notice an increase in your level of fitness whilst riding an E-bike… So what if it has a motor? Most modern Electric Bikes are pedal assisted which effectively means in order to receive the power you have to be pedalling and when you stop, it also stops. With an Electric bike, it gives you a chance to get back into the sport after a prolonged time out of the saddle or after you have had a large injury, this is because you can control the motor and its level of difficulty.

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6. Stay motivated and compete


Logically, the next step up from joining a club is to compete against others! It doesn’t matter what part of the UK, or the world, you’re from - there will be many Competitive events that happen annually for you to get involved in.

These events can be smaller and more localised events where you sit in the pub after and have a laugh or you can get serious about competing. Either way, there aren't many more things - apart from a Cafe stop - that are more motivating than competing against other riders.

A good event that often provides a laugh are Cyclocross races. If you aren’t familiar with Cyclocross it basically involves a lot of mud and a severe lack of grip. With a Cyclocross speficic bike, you have to skillfully navigate the best path. However, when the going gets tough - Dismounting, Swinging the back over your shoulder and running is allowed which can make for a really interesting event to participate or just watch.

Top Ten Tips for your Cyclocross Season!

7. Get out and ride with Family & Friends


Get out this year and receive a good ole Serotonin boost when you go out for a Family bike ride or cycling with friends. This resolution not only is good for your physical fitness but it also really improves your Mental health due to socialising, being out in the fresh air and having a laugh. Family cycling is a cost effective yet exciting day out for everyone in the family - especially when there's a picnic involved in the perfect spot.

Rutland Water offers a perfect 23 mile loop (Including the Peninsula) for your whole family to enjoy with a lot of scenic spots to enjoy a break. Hire a set of bikes for the whole family to enjoy at many of our scenic locations!

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8. Why drive when you can ride?


Make the commute to work an enjoyable, two wheeled experience compared to a lethargic and unenjoyable car journey. With Cycle to Work Schemes available within most companies, you can save upto 40% off of your dream commuter bike whether that be a nice alloy road bike or a sturdy steel gravel bike.

Cycling to work has major health benefits such as having a fitness level of someone 10 years younger alongside an added 2 years life expectancy. Reduced carbon footprint paired with increased levels of Happiness and reduced stress - Cycling to work is almost a no brainer and there is so much less traffic!

9. Turbocharge your fitness goals with a Turbo trainer


When the weather is simply too tough to power through, or you don’t want the added hassle of cleaning your bike after a ride - you don’t have too when you invest in a Turbo Trainer. With two types of smart trainers (Direct Drive and Wheel on) you will be able to train and ride from the comfort of your front room whilst watching the latest episode of Corrie.

Shop our range of Turbo Trainers! Our beginners guide to Turbo Trainers

10. Book a bike fit

Have you been procrastinating getting back onto the bike due to constant pain in a certain part of your body or do you just want the perfect bike set up for your upcoming rides. Book in today and receive our in-depth and futuristic Retul Bike Fitting experience - a specifically tailored, 2-3hr consultation to get you in the most efficient position on your bicycle. Riding in pain is a very common indicator that your bike needs slight adjustment but if not treated can cause you even more pain and put you off of cycling.

Find out more on Bike fitting here!

Happy New Year!

Well, that concludes our list of Top Ten tips of ways to increase motivation, get fitter and experiment with cycling for 2021! We hope to hear what you've been upto throughout the year using our Social media platforms and if you need any advice on new bikes/ accessories then pop into one of our 14 stores or give our telesales team a call on 0330 555 0080!

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