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Everything you need to know about the Sherlock GPS & Anti-theft Bar ends

Words by Will Crump

on 27/09/2021 14:30:00


Are you after a product that will keep your bike safer and more secure, giving you that extra peace of mind when you can’t always be next to your Bike? Sherlock bar ends are the latest in innovative technology that will help you keep an eye on your bike from your smartphone or tablet.

It's unfortunate when a bike is stolen but thanks to the Sherlock bar ends, you can see your bike's location, which is accurate to 5 meters, anywhere in Europe or the USA which will significantly increase the chances of finding your prize possession. Thanks to the discrete styling of Sherlock's bar ends, thieves will be oblivious and unaware of the fact that their every move is being traced giving you the upper hand if the worst was to happen.

Overview -

Discipline: All

Usage: GPS Location and anti-theft tracker

App compatibility: iOS10 or newer, Android 5.0 or newer


  • - Discrete installation location
  • - 2 Years GPS location thanks to SIM Card
  • - 7 Day battery life, USB rechargable
  • - Unique code for Police in an event of a theft
  • - Device recognises when bike has been moved or tampered with

What is the sherlock and how does it work?


So why are the handlebars the best place for an Anti theft tracker? It's quite simple, handlebars are a necessity on every bike and they only come in a few different shapes and sizes making compatibility with the Sherlock effortless. If you are using the Sherlock system with a road bike, you need to allow for the first 60mm of the handlebars to be straight in order for the system to fit comfortably. The device itself is constructed in halves with the first half being rigid and the second being flexible with a standard bar end to keep it discreet.

Furthermore, the Anti theft system works using several GPS and Glonass modules meaning that the device needs to be in constant reach of signal - making the handlebars superior over other spots on the bike. By using both GPS and Glonass, Sherlock allows you to have the precise location of your bike over the space of two continents… which is pretty impressive if you think about it!

The battery in the Sherlock is good to last for around 7 days for an average use, and you will receive a notification directly to your phone when the battery reaches a critical threshold of charge. Charging the Sherlock is an effortless process... as if you were charging your lights, simply use a Micro USB cable and plug the bar end into a laptop, charger or other USB power source. There is no need to remove it for charging.

How can I track my bike and what features does the App have?


Embedded into the Sherlock bar end is a SIM card which includes internet connection for 2 years before it changes over to an annual subscription which is around £2.50 a month. Alongside a stable connection, Sherlock also has bluetooth compatibility so you can connect the device to your smartphone app when in a close range.

Available on both IOS and Android, the Sherlock app contains several different modes so you can keep track of your bike's location at all times. When loading up the app the usual mode displayed is Park mode which just shows your bike's location within 5 meters as well as the battery life. Built into the device is a motion detection sensor so as soon as your bike starts to be tampered with, you will get a notification alerting you.

If your bike does happen to be stolen, you can mark it as stolen on the app and you can share the exact location of your bike with the Police thanks to a unique code. Due to the Sherlock system being invisible in the handlebars, thieves will be unaware that their every move is being watched.

The final mode on the app is a Bike Passport which has all the details of your bike so in the event of a theft you can easily share and print off all the details of your bike, making it too hot to handle for the thieves.


Sherlock Bar End GPS Location Anti-Theft Tracker

Partnered with your smart device, the sherlock GPS tracker provides added peace of mind when securing and leaving your bike unattended

  • Long lasting battery - (up to 7 days with average use)
  • GPS Tracking - (up to 5m accuracy)
  • Motion Sensor
  • Free two year Internet access (annual subscription thereafter)
  • Weight: 50g
  • App Compatibility: iOS10 or newer, Android 5.0 or newer
  • Navigating systems: GPS & GLONASS
£125.00 - Shop now


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