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E-bikes help cyclists go the distance

Travelling by bike is, in our humble opinion, one of the best ways to get around. But sometimes the thought of travelling long distances on a bike can be daunting, especially if you’re not as fit and fast as you used to be. Sometimes an injury or lack of practice can put us off even starting, and we end up taking the car, or not going out at all.

That’s where e-bikes come in. Electric bikes use a motor to provide assistance as you pedal, helping you go the distance without the slog.

Hybrid e-bikes, sometimes called city bikes, are electric bikes for everyday use. They are designed for riding on roads and also off-road tracks like cycle routes and paths, parks, bridleways, canal tow paths, old railway tracks and by rivers and lakes.

But their real value is in their electrical assistance. By making cycling easier, e-bikes open the doors to travelling further and more frequently by bike. Here are all the benefits of an e-bike when you want to start cycling more often and for longer.

Travel further

Say goodbye to exhausted legs! E-bikes help you cover the miles without tiring you out, because the electric motor takes a lot of the effort out of pedalling. You’ll be sailing along, gently pedalling without realising you’re cycling so far.

Electric bikes are ideal for helping you get that bit further than you could on a standard bike. They make it easy to maintain a good speed over a long distance, pushing you further and further. In fact, one study in Norway found that e-bike riders travelled twice as far as they did on regular bikes. If you usually do a two-mile round trip, e-bikes could easily turn it into four miles.

Travel faster

With the electric motor providing assistance as you pedal, you’ll soon get up to cruising speed. You can rack up good speeds without pedalling viciously, meaning fast cycling with minimal effort.

E-bike electrical assistance is also perfect for getting back up to speed after you stop. Get right back on it without crazy pedalling when you stop at junctions or traffic lights. Generally, these bikes can make everything quicker without it being more effort.

Don’t arrive exhausted

E-bikes take the strain out of cycling, leaving you free to enjoy the journey. You won’t need to push and pedal hard to get up hills or battle strong headwinds. They generally make everything feel like less of a struggle. And you won’t end up sweaty and exhausted and needing a lift home. That’s also why e-bikes are great for commuting.

Cycling doesn’t have to be an endurance challenge – it’s supposed to be fun! E-bikes can help you get back to enjoying it.

Keep up with the pack

Most bike lovers also enjoy cycling with a group. Whether it’s a family day at the park or meeting friends for a Sunday bike ride along the canal, cycling is a great activity for a large group. It’s a fun way to spend time outdoors and with loved ones, and with an e-bike you’ll be able to keep up with everyone, no matter your physical ability.

Plus, another benefit of e-bikes is that they won’t leave you out of breath, giving you the freedom to hold a conversation as you cycle along. It levels the playing field among the group, meaning no more waiting for others to catch up.

Go exploring

Cycling is a brilliant way to explore. But often when we get the bikes out, we end up going to the same nearby places. Many of us worry about running out of steam if we venture too far, and having to battle through the journey home on weary legs.

But e-bikes remove that fear, giving you the freedom to go exploring! The extra distance the electric motor gives you can be used to seek out new sights and places. Find different paths and tracks, take a detour from your usual route and discover somewhere you’ve never been before.

Get fit and healthy

There’s a common misconception that, because e-bikes make cycling easier, they aren’t as good as regular bikes for getting fit and healthy. But the truth is the opposite!

Study after study has shown that people still get a great workout riding an e-bike. You just don’t feel as exhausted at the end of it. We looked at the studies for our blog on why e-bikes aren’t cheating – read more here.

E-bikes are a more gentle way to cycle, meaning you can get the fitness benefits without unneccesary stress and strain on your joints and muscles. You’ll be able to build your strength slowly and steadily. Plus, all cycling is great for your health and wellbeing. Going outdoors, getting fresh air and being among nature, all while getting light to moderate exercise is so much better for your health than pounding the treadmill in a gym. Or staying home on the sofa.

Cycle more often

If you often wish you cycled more, but find the willpower lacking, e-bikes could be the answer. One Bupa International study into e-bike use found that e-bike riders cycled more often, precisely because the activity didn’t knock the stuffing out of them.

Electric bikes are easier to ride than regular bikes, meaning you’re more likely to go cycling in the first place. And because e-bikes aren’t as physically draining, you’ll be much more likely to get the bike out again and again, instead of packing it away in the shed. Which means more cycling, more regularly.

Keep cycling

As we age, we often give up the things we love as we feel less able to do them. But you don’t have to stop cycling with an e-bike. By making riding just that bit easier, e-bikes make it possible to keep cycling as we get older, so we can keep on enjoying the freedom of cycling.

Test ride an e-bike

All things considered, e-bikes have huge benefits for people who want to cycle further, faster, longer and more often.

If you’d like to try out an electric bike, visit one of our e-bike demo centres. We have over 200 models available to hire or demo and we’re open seven days a week. Visit our e-bike stores at Rutland Water, Grafham Water, Peterborough, Pitsford and Cambridge.

You’ll be able to choose e-bikes to demo with help from our friendly staff, and take them for a good test run along traffic-free trails or quiet roads.

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